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Gary Milne
11/30/2015 06:11:28 PM swap
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Hi Does anyone have any spare covers for trading card binders, i have spare i could trade. also
looking for scans of covers as well. anyone who thinks they might be able to help me can email me at gmilne1903@yahoo.co.uk
jaidon Smyth
11/21/2015 04:12:42 PM swap
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i need to swap plz
Ricky Lorimer
11/16/2015 09:33:53 PM swap
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Hi Everyone little help needed again , Merlin Premier League 98 , I believe they published 11 Lego Dream team stickers does anyone know who they were I have 8 - Berkamp, Giggs,Ince, Beckham,Southgate,Campbell,Hendry,and Seaman any info greatly Received Regards Ricky Lorimer
W Taylor
11/10/2015 01:19:20 PM swap
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I am trying to complete my Premier League 2001, 2003 and 2004 sets.
I don't have many swaps. I tried messaging some users but didn't get a reply from nearly all that I contacted.
Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can complete my sets?
Paul Milner
10/18/2015 01:50:08 PM swap
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Hi There Fellow Swappers
I have lots of base / common cards cluttering up my draw. If you want them they are free. All I need from you is an SAE envelope. Let me know which cards you need first, and I will see if I have them.
Road To France 2016
Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone
Doctor Who Monster Invasion Extreme.
It's now up to you.
Paul Milner - paul.5sqn@talktalk.net
Glyn Roberts
09/30/2015 09:45:50 PM swap
Topps Rugby Attax England 2015 See All Comments
Recently picked up two boxes of Upper Deck 1998 England Card Collection football card. Lots of swaps but need 14,83, 84, 85, 86, 87,88, 89, 90T- to finish set - anyone out there collecting these ?
Adam Foster
08/24/2015 02:15:02 PM swap
Topps Rugby Attax England 2015 See All Comments
ie Does anyone play the #rwc2015 Rugby attac Game? or are we just collecting and swapping the cards? #swaps
Adam Foster
08/24/2015 02:13:21 PM swap
Topps Rugby Attax England 2015 See All Comments
Is it worth aving the stats for the Rugby Attax cards n the site? ie who is fastest, wh is strongest? which card has highest average scores etc ?
ryan mcgurran
08/17/2015 06:35:38 PM swap
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hi all been off here a long time. not collecting much now but have a ton to sell or trade. ive decided it would be good to try do a set i dont have trading off cards from sets i do have. i have an absolute ton of cards so please contact me. i have a lot of american issue memo cards and autos from nfl, baseball mls etc
Paul Milner
07/22/2015 03:27:38 PM swap
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Hi Fellow Swappers.
If you are collecting this seasons - Panini Road To Uefa Euro 2016. And you are struggling to complete your collection. I now have the facility to order your wanted items, at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, and would like a free quote. Just let me have a list of your requirements.
Paul Milner
07/22/2015 03:19:26 PM swap
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Hi Fellow Swappers
I have trading cards for free for this seasons - Panini Road To Uefa Euro 2016. If you want any that i have, check out my account page, on this album. Then contact me, to reservr, all i want from you is an S.A.E. If you do not contact, you do not get.
Matthew CEPEK
07/20/2015 06:23:50 PM swap
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does anybody have gil berkovics' email.
Laura Curtis
07/02/2015 03:56:43 PM swap
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I signed up for swaps of the Disney Frozen My Sister My Hero sticker collection in the end, but what I did originally come looking for was swaps for the Frozen Winter Magic card collection. Anyone else have those? If so I'd love to organise some swaps as my little girl only has 7 left to get for the full folder :)
I have an absolute LOAD to swap....seriously, we're talking probably 300+
So if anyone has any, let me know :)
Specifically looking for: 8, 26, 39, 51, 71, 79 and 154.
neil pinder
06/24/2015 07:37:00 PM swap
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Cant find this app on the apple app site
Miranda Boers
06/17/2015 03:16:51 PM swap
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I have free stickers going for Cars 2, Cars Toon and Phineas & Ferb sticker books. Just drop an email with the ones you need and I can post them to you. Don't be put off by the fact I am in the Netherlands, I am English and happy to post for free. Miranda Boers purplequeennl@yahoo.co.uk
Nick Dee
06/15/2015 10:44:13 AM swap
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Found this amazing app on the app store (Salt: Barthering) where I traded many of my old stickers. The best part is the app will intelligently and automatically find the best matches for my items. You have to try it.
Paul Milner
05/31/2015 01:43:21 PM swap
Panini FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 See All Comments
To all swapper's who i have swapped with, i thank you. To those who do not bother to answer any requests. I hope you never complete your collections.
I have some Top Gear and Marvel Avenger cards available for free. Mostly common / base cards. So if you want them, either check out my account. Or let me know what you need, and i will see what i have.
All it will cost you, is to send me an SAE, with a stamp on it.
What better offer, could i make, now i will see how many replies i get.
Contact me on :- paul.5sqn@talktalk.net
christina dewdney
05/09/2015 07:36:57 PM swap
Panini FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 See All Comments
I have alot of girlie books that have been starter but are no longer needed along with swaps, am willing to use them against swaps if anyone is interested, some of the books are Hello Kitty, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Moshi Monters etc, please get in touch if anyone is interested, Many thanks Christina Dewdney
james spain
05/04/2015 06:44:08 PM swap
Panini FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 See All Comments
have loads match attack trading cards to sell or swap I need nearly 50 match extra cards james@jspain.orangehome.co.uk or text 07709533199
Mark Crook
04/30/2015 10:46:10 PM swap
Panini FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 See All Comments
Hi All, I am collecting Panini Adrenalyn XL 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil cards, I only have 53 more to collect to complete the book. Has anyone got the following cards:- 7, 19, 25, 37, 42, 46, 57, 61, 67, 76, 88, 94, 103, 118, 123, 142, 157, 169, 178, 187, 193, 208, 218, 241, 262, 268, 273, 280, 292, 300, 304, 316, 325, 327, 334, 343, 344, 364, 370, 374, 378, 388, 392, 395, 397, 406, 409, 410, 411, 412, 414, 415, 416.
If you do, please contact me and we can arrange some swaps, thanks Mark

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