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a cassidy
28/05/2011 18:28:06 Swap!
have many match attax extras 2011 and want to swap them for original 2011 cards
John Wells
27/01/2011 14:43:05 Swap!
Can anyone advise how many different versions of the numbered icards exist over several sets. In Match Attax 09-10 I have Mark Schwarzer with the same picture, but entrly different numbers. I also have soe icrds in another set with 2 different numbers. Do al these type of cards appear with different numbers, and if so are they listed anywhere.
Maybe someone can help please.
thank you
one begins QPHP and the other 4X22.
John Wells
31/01/2011 21:41:17 Swap!
Message for Mark Luca
Hi Mark
while checking some entries on our matching albums, I find that I can supply 33 of your wants on Merlin Premier Gold 98 cards . I acquired some in an assorted job lot bundle but am not colllecting these cards. I can also supply 10 match attax 09-10. Though you cant help me with my wants from match attax you do have a few panini world cup 98 from my wants, and also 3 from merlin 2001 Premier league, and I hope that maybe we can discuss what other swas you may have of mine that can come somewhere near an eqivalent swap. There is no way of contacting others when similar circumstances occur, as few email addresses are showwn. If interested please email me EMAIL REMOVED
hope we can be of mutual benefit to each other
Sonja Cahill
03/03/2012 19:59:53 Swap!
Can anyone tell me what is the norm. How many normal cards for GM, Man of the Match, LE. Is there any others.
John Wells
27/01/2011 14:29:16 Swap!
Anyone collecting the Subbuteo Squads cards that came out some years back.
I am not collecting them but acquired a large batch with some other cards so have many spares.
I would like to exchange for either Panini world cup 98 stickers, or any other of my wants wants.
thank you
John Wells
28/01/2011 08:24:18 Swap!
If anyone requires any World Cup Story odds please let mme know.
I have many spares but have now completed my set.
maybe you have items from the albums on my list that you could offer in exchange.
I have many odds from a range of UK sets so please email me your wants list and I will see if I can help.
email johnseagulls@hotmail.co uk
Hope I can help others.
Guy Keeley
19/04/2011 16:34:10 Swap!
I would like to cross swap amongst collections as I only need 1 from a few sets. Check out my sets to see if you have any needs / swaps.
robert atkin
24/09/2011 04:27:57 Swap!
i have loads of the new 2011 2012 match attax cards to swap
John Wells
05/10/2011 09:12:08 Swap!
I too have many Shoot-out and match attax, would prefer to exchange for wants from any of my sets listed. but would prefer to swap for my mATCH attax and PANINI foil or special wants.
also many non listed fotball odds available.
Alastair Dow
18/09/2011 22:20:16 Swap!
I have over 400 of each of the Merlin Premier League 04 & 05 sticker collections to swap, and plenty of the 94 & 95 collections too. I would like to swap them for either Match Attax (or Shoot-out) cards, or any other (sport-related) set between 1995 & 2004 which I have not yet started.
John Wells
31/01/2011 21:41:17 Swap!
Message for Mark Luca
Hi Mark
while checking some entries on our matching albums, I find that I can supply 33 of your wants on Merlin Premier Gold 98 cards . I acquired some in an assorted job lot bundle but am not colllecting these cards. I can also supply 10 match attax 09-10. Though you cant help me with my wants from match attax you do have a few panini world cup 98 from my wants, and also 3 from merlin 2001 Premier league, and I hope that maybe we can discuss what other swas you may have of mine that can come somewhere near an eqivalent swap. There is no way of contacting others when similar circumstances occur, as few email addresses are showwn. If interested please email me EMAIL REMOVED
hope we can be of mutual benefit to each other
mark luca
22/01/2011 14:15:26 Swap!
Anyone still collecting or have any spares from the Merlin England 2000 football album? I need the following to complete my album:
Have plenty of swaps in return.
Natalie Snow
29/05/2012 20:08:06 Swap!
I upgraded my membership yesterday evening but my membership has still not been activated and I cannot message anyone for swaps, please help??
Natalie Snow
18/05/2012 17:53:18 Swap!
Anyone collecting Doctor Who Extreme cards and having problems editing their album since the website changed? I can edit my frst album but not this one - any advice?????
Adam Foster
18/05/2012 23:13:08 Swap!
Yes there is an issue with some Dr Who Extreme, and admin just needs to resave it to fix it, yours is done now. Send us feedback if you have the not authorized error to edit one of your albums
Miranda Boers
17/06/2012 14:42:28 Swap!
I have just tried to edit swaps, on an album that was transferred to this new site. It is telling me that I do not have authorisation to edit them - even though the password IS correct and I have paid for full membership - I find this ridiculous - please sort it out ASAP!
Sean Hornsby
09/07/2012 09:21:46 Swap!
@Everyone. This is a public forum, if you put your email address in it you run a big risk of it being picked up by spammers. Already happened to a few members.
06/07/2012 08:32:15 Swap!
No spamming or swearing please! No spamming or swearing please! Hi all. Does anyone have any Limited Edition Euro 2012 or Champions League 2011-12 cards they'd like to swap (many swappers on this site seem to leave this section blank) ? I have a decent list of LE cards which I'd prefer to arrange swaps rather than sell on ebay. I would also provide multiple base cards in return for any LE cards. Please let me know.
joanne cross
07/07/2012 15:00:43 Swap!
@susan carr, hi susan I have not got any LE cards but I do notice you need 302 and wondered if you would swap one of your LE for this.
joanne cross
07/07/2012 15:03:48 Swap!
I have plenty of cards available for swap on Euro 2012 trading cards and have requested swaps from many people but no one seems to be replying. If anyone would like to do any swaps with me whether you are a full or free member my email address is joanneclarkey@hotmail.co.uk, thanks
john wood1
04/07/2012 14:15:42 Swap!
hi, i have thousands of match attax cards from 2007/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 world cup 2010 and euro 2012 as well as motm sp ss and all sorts. willing to swap what you want (within reason) for any limited edition cards what i require for from these years. all my cards are ex to mint, will require the same, thanks john.
Stewart Allan
18/08/2012 12:55:32 Swap!
@Sean Thanks for the reply :)
Tomas Jasulevičius
09/08/2012 15:23:44 Swap!
Hello, I have a problem ordering the membership. Maybe you could help me and if you like something had happened?
Because I wrote and FEEDBACK to help me solve the problem of paying for membership but have not received any response to an e-mail. Another wrote, and Adam Foster that he would help me, but he discovered nothing.
Sean Hornsby
12/08/2012 14:01:45 Swap!
@Stewart. Was away on holiday. 4th Qtr is what we are aiming for.
Stewart Allan
08/08/2012 20:30:13 Swap!
@Sean any chance you'll reply to my comment
Stewart Allan
02/08/2012 22:13:58 Swap!
@Sean when do you expect the market to be up and running it's one of the reasons I became a member :)
Robin Pleaden
07/10/2012 23:16:19 Swap!
Hi, Can any one help, I need the following MA 2010/11 cards; 94, 384, 390, 391, 395, 397, 415, 424, 428, 433, 435, 438. I have plenty of swaps available. cheers
jeff pond
06/10/2012 22:00:57 Swap!
Can Anyone help? i am searching for a phil neville sticker from the merlin 2002 football album. I have a few stickers i can swap or cash? can anyone help? Thanks
Robin Pleaden
07/10/2012 23:12:56 Swap!
Hi, Can any one help, I need the following Panini Euro 2012 cards; 240, 268, 287, 288, 293, 294, 296, 298. I have plenty of swaps available. cheers
Becky Biddick
02/09/2012 13:32:25 Swap!
I have a question regarding the edition of an album. I bought a Cars 2 album, but unfortunately I purchased the AUS/NZ/SA edition which has less stickers and not many of the 'special' stickers. I know which album is the US one because it has writing on the cover. But my problem is, how can I know which box of stickers to help complete it?
Robin Pleaden
07/10/2012 23:20:42 Swap!
Hi, Can any one help, I need the following MA 2009/10 cards; 364, 374, 378, 380, 400, 416, 422. I have plenty of swaps available. cheers
mark knight99
17/03/2013 15:58:41 Swap!
hi when will the match attax extra 12 13 be added so we can add swaps
Robin Pleaden
07/10/2012 23:23:26 Swap!
Hi, Can any one help, I need the following MA 2010/11 EXTRA cards; 110, 112, 121, 122, 135, 136, 137, 140, 141, 142, 145, 146, 149, 151, 153, 154, 155, 159. I have plenty of swaps available. cheers
shaun gardner
11/10/2012 10:37:54 Swap!
hi is the cars toon album not on for swaps yet
Paul Milner
29/10/2013 14:04:54 Swap!
I am swapping for my daughter. 1 direction red collection stickers. If people have a swap account for this collection. Why do you never answer swap requests.
Paul Milner
John Wells
30/09/2013 19:28:53 Swap!
Hi, I have recently obtained, in a mixed job lot I bought, some stickers called EURO 2008 PANINI, but thy do not match the pictures for odds on EBAY , having a red frame line on front, AND NO NUMBERS.
Sean Hornsby
29/08/2013 19:51:14 Swap!
@Robin. Been searching for a checklist for this but with no luck. If anyone can supply one, then happy to add it to the site. Only need numbers by team not necessarily names. Use feedback link if anyone can help. Thanks
Sean Hornsby
19/08/2013 17:53:43 Swap!
@Brittany Sears. Panini Disney Brave sticker collection is already on the site unless you mean something else. Best to use Feedback link not the Forum for collection requests.
Robin Pleaden
28/08/2013 13:27:35 Swap!
Hi, can you add Panini Champions league update 12/13 please,
Many thanks
Paul Milner
26/08/2013 18:02:00 Swap!
Hi There / All swappers
Got load of Iron Man 3 Stickers.
Free to good home if you supply SAE.
Check my album and let me know what you want.
Paul Milner
Brittany Sears
14/08/2013 07:51:38 Swap!
Brave disney needs added to swaps thanks!
Sean Hornsby
24/04/2014 14:31:11 Swap!
@Greg & @Camilo "How To Swap" section tells you everything you need to know
Paul Milner
26/04/2014 16:29:24 Swap!
To Jay Lillington
Please email me, I may be able to help with Euro 2008.
Paul Milner
Jay Lillington
24/04/2014 11:01:41 Swap!
I need just 3 to complete Euro 2008 album no's 219, 478, 468. Willing to pay or swap a few to get these last 3.
mark knight99
02/03/2014 20:10:29 Swap!
hi when will match attax extra 13/14 be added to swapstick?
Patrick Cica
19/02/2014 15:37:11 Swap!
Could you please add Fifa World Cup 2014 Adrenalyn Trading Cards to SwapStick?
terry allen
05/02/2014 17:11:36 Swap!
hi i have disney princess trading card game cards for swaps but cant seem to find an album for them, would anyone be able to help in adding a new one to the list or does anyone have any of these cards?
Sean Hornsby
14/02/2014 11:59:38 Swap!
Disney Princess Trading Cards now on SwapStick
jai ramsahoye
21/05/2014 17:11:34 Swap!
I have received11brazil 2014 stickers in post without a name or list of what was wanted in return
They don't match up with anyone I have agreed a swap with
Whoever you are send a message and I will try to see if I have some you need to return
stephen Docherty
09/06/2014 22:02:48 Swap!
Ive responded to various people regarding cards I have for them. stephendoc412004@yahoo.co.uk
stephen Docherty
09/06/2014 12:55:26 Swap!
Hi Just new on here lots of cards and stickers anyone looking for swaps?
James Auty
03/06/2014 11:06:52 Swap!
audrey cherrier
02/06/2014 16:53:36 Swap!
hello i'm a french new member and i have just 1 question : how can i add an album that i'm looking for ?
thank you
James Auty
03/06/2014 11:04:44 Swap!
stephen Docherty
01/07/2014 21:50:50 Swap!
Hi James blockley I have 7 stickers that you need 143,313,397,407,533,619,622
Amanda Witt
20/06/2014 11:17:29 Swap!
Just 'putting it out there' that I am in Australia and happy to swap to the UK, but have had a few refusals due to cost, distance, etc.
If anyone is happy to swap with me, send me the email, as the majority seem to be based there. Thanks.
Philip Grant
17/06/2014 13:55:13 Swap!
Many thanks for those who have done a swap with me, just need one more sticker now,
Karina Corrales
17/06/2014 10:17:49 Swap!
i have stickers 640,641 @danny
danny carrick
16/06/2014 07:16:11 Swap!
Hi all.
Anyone got the johnsson & johnsson special stickers 640, 641, 642? from the panini brazil 2014 sticker book.
I have 66 stickers to swap altogether.
stephen Docherty
11/06/2014 19:24:45 Swap!
Hi All
please be patient had loads of enquiries for swaps,cannot reply to all of you at once as im swaps at the moment, so don't want to disappoint anyone.
stephen Docherty
19/07/2014 19:18:47 Swap!
Hi everyone please be patient trying to swap multiple swaps first before I swap with the ones and twos, Too many swappers to deal with until I get what I need
stephen Docherty
08/08/2014 15:32:13 Swap!
Michael Patterson I have at the moment numbers 1 and 2 from 2010 need 5 stickers from 2014 you have
Ben Dean
08/08/2014 18:03:54 Swap!
Topps Match Attax England 2014.
Could anybody tell me if the Match Attax series is different in Ireland, or have I been sent a fake card ? I've received a Jack Wilshire MOTM wearing the old England kit !!!
stephen Docherty
11/08/2014 00:36:50 Swap!
spl Adrenalyn 10/11 number 221 should be Sasa Papac
Amanda Witt
21/07/2014 11:47:45 Swap!
I've checked about 3-4 different newsagents in my Australian city and can't see the pink packs of stickers anymore, so there may not be any more now that the Cup's over. Which means the 31 or so swaps I have remain the only way to get more stickers. I am happy to post to the UK, just need a few people to do likewise to me.
Dragan Jovanovski
23/07/2014 11:10:45 Swap!
anyone who wants to swap with me pls contact me on my e-mail dragan.jovanovski90@yahoo
Alex Christodoulou
15/01/2015 21:54:42 Swap!
15/10/2014 08:54:23 Swap!
Match Attax 2014-15 colln. I have a Drogba error card looking to trade with anyone who has a Negredo error card. Cheers
stephen Docherty
07/10/2014 09:46:19 Swap!
Only need for stickers for Brazil 2014 would give great swaps to get these 4
stephen Docherty
30/08/2014 01:16:16 Swap!
Hi Mike Green I have some 2014 Panini stickers that you need according to our swap pages. and would gladly swap for any 2014 cards as I don't have any.
John Wells
20/02/2015 10:43:10 Swap!
I have 2 INCOMPLETE Albums from FKS, one is Soccer Stars in Action 69-70 with George Best on cover. There is some damage to cover, the title page is missing and some pages are loose ALL STICKER PAGES are inclded 19 stickeers already in place plus evidence of some earllier removal of same. £5.00 plus postage, some writing inside.
The second Album, also incomplete, is for the 70-71 season and includes a page of star players from the 1970 World Cup. Includes about 100 stickerss already stuck in, but none of the World Cup ones. One of the sticker order forms has been used but 2 remain. Some browning to bottom of some pages, but generally goood for age. £25 plus postage, to be advised, WILL ONLY SEND SIGNED FOR DELiVERY
17/02/2015 16:21:19 Swap!
Paul Milner
22/07/2015 15:27:38 Swap!
Hi Fellow Swappers.
If you are collecting this seasons - Panini Road To Uefa Euro 2016. And you are struggling to complete your collection. I now have the facility to order your wanted items, at very reasonable prices. If you are interested, and would like a free quote. Just let me have a list of your requirements.
Gary Milne
10/12/2015 18:05:27 Swap!
Hi Does anyone have any spare aberdeen or manchester united cards or stickers to swap.
email me at gmilne1903@yahoo.co.uk
Gary Milne
30/11/2015 18:11:28 Swap!
Hi Does anyone have any spare covers for trading card binders, i have spare i could trade. also
looking for scans of covers as well. anyone who thinks they might be able to help me can email me at gmilne1903@yahoo.co.uk
Ricky Lorimer
16/11/2015 21:33:53 Swap!
Hi Everyone little help needed again , Merlin Premier League 98 , I believe they published 11 Lego Dream team stickers does anyone know who they were I have 8 - Berkamp, Giggs,Ince, Beckham,Southgate,Campbell,Hendry,and Seaman any info greatly Received Regards Ricky Lorimer
W Taylor
10/11/2015 13:19:20 Swap!
I am trying to complete my Premier League 2001, 2003 and 2004 sets.
I don't have many swaps. I tried messaging some users but didn't get a reply from nearly all that I contacted.
Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can complete my sets?
Paul Milner
18/10/2015 13:50:08 Swap!
Hi There Fellow Swappers
I have lots of base / common cards cluttering up my draw. If you want them they are free. All I need from you is an SAE envelope. Let me know which cards you need first, and I will see if I have them.
Road To France 2016
Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone
Doctor Who Monster Invasion Extreme.
It's now up to you.
Paul Milner - paul.5sqn@talktalk.net
Dan Price
11/05/2016 14:00:08 Swap!
Little help needed please, how do you do multi album swaps. Is there a way to select all albums against all users.? Thanks
Richard Badger
14/05/2016 22:44:20 Swap!
it is automatic mate, click on a album in your list, scroll to the bottom and click on a user name and if will show all swaps you both need on albums you both have.
Luke Foster
24/05/2016 22:36:41 Swap!
Anyone able to help me out in Merlin Premier League 2015, 2001 or 1999? Would me much appreciated!
Oliver Newton
12/06/2016 22:06:59 Swap!
I have a number of Match Attax 2015/16 season PRO 11 swaps if anyone needs them
Adam Atherton
18/06/2016 16:17:49 Swap!
Hi Guys,
I'm currently looking for a Panini Euro 2012 Hardback Deluxe empty book. Does anyone know of one for sale?
Tommy Di Martino
11/07/2016 09:27:14 Swap!
I desperate for sticker number 4 from panini Euro 88. Willing to swap anything or pay for it as been looking for a while and starting to get impatient
Twan van der Zandt
27/08/2016 11:32:44 Swap!
Hello, I'm looking for sticker number 18 from Topps Premier League 2010. Some people have it here but no one responds to my messages! Can some one help me get it! Twan
john jj hamilton
29/08/2016 23:15:47 Swap!
hi, i need the wayne rooney captain sticker from 14/15 season, im willing to swap all my doubles from this album. must be at least 100 stickers
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