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steven taylor
05/12/2011 09:23:32 AM Swap!
i have the premier league 2001 sticker collection, and would like to find somebody who has sticker no 99. as this is the last sticker i need to complete my collection. i donot have any other stickers to swap. if anybody does have this sticker, they can email me steven.taylor758@o2.co.uk
thank you
Paul Milner
05/10/2013 07:37:12 AM Swap!
Hi All
Got loads of Doctor Who Alien Attax base cards, if any one wants them. Just contact me for availablity. And send me an SAE with a stamp. And you can have them gratis.
christopher hackett
07/23/2013 04:25:26 PM Swap!
Looking to get so dr who alien attax cards - i started this collection late, so not many swaps out there - if anyone wants to sell some cards to me - im interested, let me know guys.
Harry Whiston
12/10/2013 05:58:47 PM Swap!
Ive got 200 plus of last seasons Match Attax Premier cards if any body is interested
cheers Harry
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