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Jack Brett
02/26/2011 03:54:21 AM Swap!
I am happy to go 30 normal cards for any that I need.
Steve Bucktrout
05/24/2012 08:57:22 PM Swap!
Looking for LE Van Persie and Lampard from the extras. Have LE Hart cards to swap.
Yusuf Hussain
07/07/2012 07:27:27 PM Swap!
i have all the cards for this set if u need tell me EMAIL IS johnforcena@hotmail.co.uk
Evan Wishart
07/19/2012 06:30:29 PM Swap!
I cant find a thread for 2011-12 match attax. but here goes i'm looking for 1 card to complete, no,404 Stephane Sessignon. Iam willing to swop as many as possible for it. I have numerous swops available. please help.
John Wells
07/19/2012 10:52:03 PM Swap!
I have 5 stickers that have PANINI on the back, re un-numbered but the pictures appear similar to World cup 98
They have blue backs and the name DANONE on the back, and feature :
MONTEANU ( Rumania )
NEILSEN ( Denmark ) x2
ASPE ( Mexico )
liam durham
08/17/2012 01:54:37 PM Swap!
am looking for20 different match attax extra cards and one match attax euro 2012 card which is man of the match wesley sneider i have many swaps avaiable thanks
a cassidy
05/03/2014 05:54:44 PM Swap!
I need to complete my collection. Anyone out there who wants to swap????????????????????????
jaidon Smyth
11/21/2015 04:12:42 PM Swap!
i need to swap plz
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