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Adam Foster
10/01/2011 12:38:56 Swap!
I have added Topps Premier League sticker swap page now
Chris Butterfield
08/03/2012 23:05:14 Swap!
Hi, I only need numbers 195, 307 and 419 from Panini 81, but I don't have any swaps. I will gladly pay cash if anyone has them if that is allowed? I have about 150 football special 1979 swaps though. Thanks, Chris
Johanna Saariaho
08/03/2012 18:59:21 Swap!
I've been trying to complete my Harry Potter and the order of phoenix album for a long time, but the issue is that I have no stickers to swap. If anyone is willing to give free stickers I'd be very happy, but I don't mind paying for the stickers either. Anyone can help me? It would be awesome.
Adam Foster
17/01/2011 14:26:06 Swap!
Added SPL 2011 Stickers!
David Overson
06/12/2010 19:06:53 Swap!
I am looking for Merlin football stickers PL 96 with Shreddies backs and PL 02 with Walkers backs. Can anybody help?
David Low
17/01/2011 10:40:25 Swap!
Any chance of the Panini SPL 2011 sticker collection being added to the site soon, cheers.
gary truman
30/12/2011 18:45:05 Swap!
Don`t trade with Kelly Leverno,she is a scammer.
Andy Leith
04/01/2011 18:33:29 Swap!
Ive started the topps premier league 2011 collection, has anyone else, already have swaps
Shaun Harding
15/07/2011 00:28:44 Swap!
Hi all :) I am desperately trying to complete my Dr Who Devastator collection, and have hundreds of swaps from the other four Battles In Time groups. Could anybody help me out? I would be ETERNALLY grateful!!!
Kindest regards,
Shaun :)
David Overson
10/12/2010 10:48:44 Swap!
Does anyone collect Panini SPL stickers from before 2004?
mark luca
22/01/2011 14:10:38 Swap!
Hello folks, Anyone got any spare stickers from the old Panini All time Greats collection (1920-1990). I need the following to complete me album: 13,15,18,38,43,44,45,54,56,62,63,68,76,77,78,79 and 80?
Steve Bucktrout
03/12/2010 21:05:11 Swap!
Looking for a few odd cards to finish off collections:
Battles in Time #771
Predators Return of the Dinosaurs #13 and 32
Can anyone help?
Stephen Neve
06/01/2011 10:06:25 Swap!
Hi, Andy Leith I have about 12 premier league 2011 swaps.
Charles Richards
21/04/2012 21:31:30 Swap!
Morrisons Disney Magical Moments Cards
Anyone got a spare? Happy to swap as need to finish off my albums thanks
08/01/2011 21:09:23 Swap!
Hi We have loads of swaps for premier league 2011 but can't put them on yet as album still hasn't been added!!!!
Adam Foster
09/05/2012 09:45:15 Swap!
Swapstick is charging now for arranging swaps, we are not charging for managing and updating your swaps. 66p a month is not a lot of money, and you will have a better service, a market, and more support people to help you out.
We have a lot of plans, so I hope you can come along with us. If you are not happy, if you think you are a pillar of the SwapStick community and feel hard done by or you cannot afford 66p a month then send us feedback and we'll have a chat.
SwapStick reached a point where it had to grow up and become a professional service or fade away, I decided to have a go at making it a professional service. ;)
John Wells
10/05/2012 21:20:21 Swap!
I have come across a batch of Pocahontas stickers from a Panini collection, undated. I am not collecting this set so would like to ideally swap at 1-1 for any of my football sticker wants, or will sell.
If you require any please leave your email om my message board complete with your sticker wants, and what yo offer to swap
marky bee
11/05/2012 01:28:34 Swap!
Down to needing my last 5 for Merlin Premier League 97 ..... can anyone help me out ?
106 , 175 , 244 , 341 , 523
regards Mark
Sharon Koike
09/05/2012 14:27:32 Swap!
I have finished my kids collections of Moshi Monsters Book 1 and have 46 stickers left. Do you still have the facility to note to others that I am willing to give them away if people send me a stamped addressed envelope?
Adam Foster
09/05/2012 09:37:52 Swap!
If you leave us feedback with a few user names who do not have email set, we will have a look at them to see if there is a problem. Don't do it on here though.
marky bee
08/05/2012 18:11:26 Swap!
Same here keep sending out emails but keeps saying user email not set .... ??? andf im getting no replys ?
neil mcgrath
08/05/2012 15:57:38 Swap!
I'm not able to send or view swap requests due to it now being membership only. When was this changed?
Sean Hornsby
08/05/2012 19:11:00 Swap!
The reason people keep getting the message saying user email not set, is because a lot of swappers have not logged on to the new site and updated their profile. Despite messages all over the site telling people to make sure their Country and email address is in their profile some users seem to ignore this. They will soon realise once they notice they aren't getting swap requests. Early Days as new site only been live since Friday.
Mick Seabs
07/05/2012 16:37:44 Swap!
New site looks good - but am i correct in thinking we are soon going to be charged to use swapstick?
Not sure i'm going to pay to use a site that was free previously :(
Stewart Allan
06/05/2012 17:49:23 Swap!
Hi I've finished my World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012 trading cards albums but don't know how to list my swap for sale can anyone help. Thanks
Philip Grant
07/05/2012 15:51:41 Swap!
I am getting the second user has not got an email address set, and I also don't what it means. I think I also got an error line of something when trying to do a request, and getting quite concern that I have nearly finished my collection.
mark n wright
07/05/2012 11:00:39 Swap!
I am trying to complete the Euro 2012 trading cards for my son. I have been sending out lots of emails but have not had a reply yet. Many are saying "Using email address from profile
The second user has not got an email address set." Does anyone know what this means in relation to contacting people?
Sean Hornsby
06/05/2012 18:58:45 Swap!
No spamming or swearing please! Stewart, if you don't want to use your swaps to swap for other collections you need, then you can only sell them by posting messages like this in the Forum. There is a Swapstick Market coming soon where members will be able trade.
Richard Brown
11/05/2012 09:54:51 Swap!
Awaiting moderation
Keith Robinson81
01/06/2012 17:47:59 Swap!
Similar to George above - will there be a chance for swaps to be done on the London 2012 Olympic sticker collection?
George Webb
01/06/2012 12:56:09 Swap!
Hi, will the London 2012 olympic sticker album be added soon? Thanks
Stewart Allan
27/05/2012 10:48:30 Swap!
Not sure mate but it is available in Scotland. I haven't found the album yet just the stickers
Stewart Allan
27/05/2012 10:55:13 Swap!
Richard = There are 50 packet in a box so @ £0.75 per packet it works out at £37.50 hope this helps
Sean Hornsby
13/05/2012 18:12:46 Swap!
You are all sorted out Plamen. Please use feedback not forum if you want to contact us.
Plamen Ivanov
13/05/2012 15:31:26 Swap!
Hi, I have just sibscribed for the membership £1.98 but it doesnt seem to have registered, and i still cannot contact swappers :( any ideas / help?
Dimitris M
24/05/2012 11:33:07 Swap!
Does anyone knows when the Panini London 2012 Olympics sticker collection will be launched and in which european countries?
Richard Brown
19/05/2012 22:03:10 Swap!
Does anyone know what the 'proper price' is of a box of Panini London 2012 Olympics Adrenalyn cards?
marky bee
16/05/2012 00:12:50 Swap!
Merlin PREM LEAGUE 97 need 4 to finish can anyone help me out ? my email yodathewise@blueyonder.co.uk
175 244 341 523 contactme if you can help thanks
Stewart Allan
13/05/2012 00:07:57 Swap!
Adam please have a look at the setup for the panini london 2012 trading games. It shows I have 480 but the album only has 350 cards. Thanks
Ronan Conboy
11/05/2012 22:20:31 Swap!
Moved to feedback
Sean Hornsby
13/05/2012 02:15:58 Swap!
Please use FEEDBACK not the FORUM if anyone needs us to look at any issues they have. Forum posts are NOT messages that get forwarded to either myself or Adam.
Richard Brown
13/05/2012 01:37:24 Swap!
Does anyone have 'garbage pail kids' cards from the 80's that came with bubble gum.
I think they were made by Topps.
Adam Foster
12/05/2012 10:43:02 Swap!
Free Euro Stickers and album are in the sun today
Ronan Conboy
11/05/2012 22:31:04 Swap!
Seem to have fixed that by editing my profile and then saving it without changing anything...
Sean Hornsby
13/05/2012 02:13:06 Swap!
If anyone finds any errors in any checklists please could you use FEEDBACK not the FORUM to give us details and if possible the correct information.
Many checklists have been supplied by SwapStick users in the past and that is how they have been compiled.
Richard Brown
12/05/2012 10:17:40 Swap!
Moved To Feedback
Adam Foster
12/05/2012 10:43:02 Swap!
Free Euro Stickers and album are in the sun today
Mark james Lawrence
12/05/2012 22:28:34 Swap!
hi does any one else find that some albums on the tick sheets are in complete and missing numbers such as neither marvel hero attax series have the movie card numbers ,one of the star wars collections only go up to card no 200 yet there are over 200 cards in the collection ,any one know why?
Philip Grant
11/05/2012 21:16:34 Swap!
I'm still having problems with people getting back as some of the time I am not realising I am logged in as anonymous user. I having to type in my password 3 times sometimes before getting onto a page (pop up window.)
Richard Brown
18/06/2012 10:32:21 Swap!
Just out of interest, do people update their swap lists as soon as they agree a swap by email, or do they only update swap lists when physically receive the swaps in the post a few days later?
've always updated my lists ASAP to enable me to make more swap requests.
I've just wasted my time trying to do a swap with someone who obviously only updates their lists after receiving swaps in the post. Can i just say it would have been easier to pull my own teeth out with a pair of pliers than swap with this person!
First i sent a reply only 2 minutes after receiving a swap request then had to wait 2 days to get a reply back and then they got the hump with me because i wouldn't do a swap of 6 stickers for 47 of mine!
Then we agreed on 6 for 7 so i arranged it all ready for posting, then at the last minute got another reply saying "i haven't got such and such a number". Arrrgggggghhhhhhh.
When you check the swapstick lists, the other person is still showing as having those stickers available because they don't update their lists!!!
Rant over.
Richard Brown
08/06/2012 10:25:41 Swap!
Has anyone managed to get hold of an Olympic Games sticker album or starter pack? If so, where from?
I've tried supermarkets with no luck.
I now have the stickers, but no album to stick them in.
Jay Forbes
16/06/2012 17:20:35 Swap!
Hi Guys! A friend bought a Hero Attax Series 1 Starter Binder for me for my birthday but I already HAVE that one!
John Wells
13/06/2012 13:44:30 Swap!
Does any member have spare odds from any of the above sets, or others issued by BARRATT and BASSETT.
Due to a printing error many series A9 were inadvertedly printed A8.
Confusingly many of the players featured in the correct set A8, and the correct A9 set , also feature in the mis printed set, OFTEN WITH SAME IMAGE AND TEXT. However in most cases the actual card number within the set is different, IT IS IMPORTANT TO QUOTE CARD NUMBER AND PLAYE NAME
ff Ten with sam hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh te
WERE es sssss dddd
John Wells
13/06/2012 08:23:12 Swap!
I have many odd stickers and cards , not listed on here, from 1970's to date, wants lIsts to EMAIL REMOVED
That includes Panini World Cup Story, and Football 92 cards , in both cases most numbers are available for sale
In addition I have quantities of Panini/Snicker Caps to clear.
if anyone would like to start collecting any of those sets then most are available
john e
Sean Hornsby
10/06/2012 23:27:21 Swap!
@Andrew. The Merlin P/L 1995 cards were a set of Dream Team cards that could only be ordered direct from Merlin. There were 61 of these extra players who were not included in the original P/L 95 album and as there was nowhere to stick them in, they were produced in a card format.
Martyn Dawson
08/06/2012 20:56:59 Swap!
im being thick.. sorry, long day :P
kim downward
08/06/2012 17:15:17 Swap!
Richard, try the co-op, they have the starter pack in my local one by the magazines.
Andrew Albinson
09/06/2012 13:52:25 Swap!
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the green backs and black backs from Merlin PL 2003 album (apart from the colour). Also what are the cards linked with Merlin PL 1995 Album, never knew they existed until i spotted them on the checklist?? Any ideas??
Martyn Dawson
08/06/2012 20:53:46 Swap!
Euro 2012 Trading cards.. How do we associate the limited edition numbers to the appropriate cards? (LE1, LE2 etc..)
Or am I being thick? :s
Jason South
11/07/2012 11:27:10 Swap!
I've just started to collect the Panini Kid Icarus card collection. There is a massive 404 cards to collect so will be looking to use this site to help complete it. Unfortunatly, the album has not been added to the site yet but when/if it is I will fully join and upload my swaps and wants. Is anyone else collecting this set?
Egoitz Etxebarria
10/07/2012 17:02:33 Swap!
Hi. Anyone who swaps abroad??? I'm trying to complete the London2012 and is not easy to complete it from Spain. Any help? only 23 stickers needed. Thanks
Jason South
11/07/2012 13:01:42 Swap!
The Panini Kid Icarus card collection has now been added. I have just listed my wants and will be listing all of my swaps this evening. If your collecting this set let me know and maybe we can do some swaps.
mark knight99
14/07/2012 22:25:12 Swap!
hi i have some england go go's to swap but my have letters on them not numbers that are listed on this site anyone else have the same problem as i cant list them with no numbers on them
Patrick Falvey
14/07/2012 01:55:10 Swap!
hi I am interested in speaking to anyone with euro 88 stickers and I am also keen to do some swapping on euro 2012 cheers
john white
05/07/2012 20:47:26 Swap!
No spamming or swearing please! No spamming or swearing please! ATTN MARK N WRIGHT*** i have some Euro 2012 xl adrenalyn swaps, contact me whiteydopehead hotmail com, i'm not upgrading mebership unless i know there are some credible swappers on here
Roy Bagley
30/06/2012 17:58:44 Swap!
anybody from holland collecting the panini albert heijn euro 2012 stickers im a few short and the action finishes tomorrow
Dave Wilkinson
29/06/2012 10:26:48 Swap!
Anybody know where I can get a Moshi Monsters Series 1 sticker album? (UK preferred)
Adam Foster
01/07/2012 16:34:54 Swap!
Added By Country, Newest and Most Swaps to swaps page, by name soon
Robin Pleaden
28/06/2012 14:02:53 Swap!
It would be good to be able to give positive feedback also, people who go that extra little bit, whether it's there packaging or just there friendliness , fairness etc, people that are in it to help others and not just themselves
marky bee
28/06/2012 21:04:23 Swap!
Be agreat addition to the site I agree with Robin
marky bee
26/06/2012 13:33:37 Swap!
Ok Richard see your point with stickers of that age .... But it defeats the object of this site ....all i can see is people with older stickers holding them to ransom and find it frustrating seeing the stickers there and not having the correct swaps to swap them !! and maybe some of us are not serious collectors or dealers but merely having fun trying to fill up old albums. Maybe i'm missing the point of this site ? Shame really ...
Robin Pleaden
26/06/2012 22:41:50 Swap!
Hi, how do we leave feedback on other collectors and where can you view it.
Richard Brown
26/06/2012 12:12:20 Swap!
Marky, what dictates the value, as with most things, is 'supply and demand'. Hence, the reason why if you try to purchase a rare sticker or album then you should expect to pay more for it. Go and have a look at how much the mexico 1970 stickers and albums are selling for - then tell me you'd expect someone to swap some of those stickers for 10p Euro 2012 ones! On the other hand, if you've got any old stickers you're happy to swap for Euro 2012 ones then please let me know and i'll bite your hand off.
Sean Hornsby
28/06/2012 11:54:27 Swap!
@Robin. We will be introducing a Feedback facility in the not too distant future. In the meantime for SERIOUS issues you can send us feedback and we will try to help. We do have the ability to suspend or cancel membership but would only do this in extreme circumstances or repeated problems.
Richard Brown
26/06/2012 20:18:26 Swap!
No, the point of this site is still swapping.
I often suggest more of my newer stickers for older ones when i contact someone for a swap.
Richard Brown
27/06/2012 20:26:41 Swap!
Robin, you can't at the moment. I think Adam is unsure about introducing this as it would take a lot of policing if there are disputes about unfair feedback etc.
marky bee
24/06/2012 12:49:25 Swap!
Another rant sorry guys ..... Members demanding more stickers for old ones ... for example i need some old Euro 96 stickers and been told by one member they want three euro 2012 for every one euro 96 due to rarity and value ??? thought we are all here to help each other fill our old books ??? I have helped many members out with my old stickers one for one to help others out or am I missing the point here ? rant over ....
marky bee
24/06/2012 11:55:08 Swap!
Or even worse agree to 7 for 7 then receive only 4 to be told sorry did i not send them ? What were they ? When the emails are there clear to see and he instigated the swap in the first place ...Very frustrating mr (paul workman)
marky bee
25/06/2012 19:59:41 Swap!
Richard just because somebody is on ebay selling at a stupid price doesn't mean the sticker is worth that!! I have to disagree , i dug a load of old stickers out recently and swapped them on here to help others fill their books if people want to be greedy they should stick to ebay...I remember on the old site saying shinys and regardless what sticker it was etc were not worth any more than each other etc etc .....
Richard Brown
25/06/2012 11:38:24 Swap!
Marky Bee, i understand what you're saying, but....
A Euro 2012 sticker can be bought for 10p (in a packet of five). Older stickers can only be bought on a well known *bay site and can be upwards of £2 each.
I certainly wouldn't swap 10 Italia 90 stickers for 10 Euro 2012. I think the majority would agree judging on past experiences of swapping older stickers for new ones.
kim downward
20/06/2012 20:14:27 Swap!
Richard Brown, I'm with you - the second I enter a swap with someone I take the swaps and needs off my list. If the swap doesnt work out I can always add them back on later, but I don't like wasting people's time if I can help it.
Tomas Jasulevičius
09/08/2012 15:32:23 Swap!
Hello, if what you want me to exchange stickers (EURO 2012, UEFA Champions League 2008-2009 and 2011-2012. seasons) is to write me an e-mail or skype: tomas_9287.
Andrew Albinson
08/08/2012 15:07:34 Swap!
I have sorted it now. Just logged out and back in again. :-)
Dimitris M
09/08/2012 12:19:28 Swap!
Hello, i am in Greece and i am looking for an empty Panini London 2012 Sticker Album. I can swap it with empty international Panini albums or greek Panini albums, if anyone's interested. My email is: moirdim@yahoo.gr
Andrew Albinson
08/08/2012 15:04:41 Swap!
Is anyone else having issues viewing your albums. For some reason i can't view myn and i need to update them.
viki falkingham
30/07/2012 00:31:59 Swap!
viki falkingham
30/07/2012 00:30:06 Swap!
Hi, I'm newish to the new setup of swapstick - well done adam foster - when do i pay 66p what do i do etc.
Charlie Goodwin
28/07/2012 17:52:14 Swap!
To Gemma-louise notman
I am willing to swap Helen Clitheroe,Corinna Kuhnle
and myroslav Dykun for the olympic emblem,chris hoy,and bradley wiggins reply please!
charlie g
age 11
andrew sanderson
28/07/2012 10:13:34 Swap!
please could u add the following wrestling card sets topps platinum, wwe heritage chrome 1&2, topps 2011
Charlie Goodwin
28/07/2012 17:25:28 Swap!
hi, i am new to the website and i collect the Olympic sticker collection does anyone have the following: Olympic emblem,paralympic emblem, Rebecca adlington,Michael Phelps,Ellie Simmonds,Jessica Ennis,Usain Bolt,Philips Idowu,Holly Bleasdale,Mark Cavendish,Chris Hoy,Gareth Bale,Louis Smith,Ben Ainslie,Andy Murray,Novak Djokavic
if you do then reply soon
kind Regards
Charlie G
Age 11
John Wells
23/07/2012 11:12:00 Swap!
Panini Championship 2008 CARDS
Does any member have an empty binder for this set available .
I also seek check cards 1, 2,and 3
are members aware of a printing error on card 236, where JOHN is spelt JHON.
Does it exist with correct spelling OES
John Wells
22/07/2012 21:54:14 Swap!
Calling Steve Buchan, Seven Neve and Mark Davis
Hi guys, I have linked to SHOOT OUT RED BACK i can supply many of yourr wants but we have no apparent swaps , but do you have anything else tooffer in exchange OR WILL SELL FOR 5p each
marky bee
20/07/2012 11:55:44 Swap!
Sent hundreds of swap messages and heard nothing for a few weeks??? Anyone else the same ??? getting increasingly frustrated with this free member thing as I have exhausted all possible swappers now and doesn't look like many have joined :( .... come on guys join up
barry johnston
21/07/2012 13:59:34 Swap!
hi folks i am PREMIER LEAGUE COLLECTOR ... completed 2012,2011,2010,2009,2008 and now on 2007 .. check my page many swaps or text 0779 272 3897
Kevin Sharp
05/10/2012 18:44:10 Swap!
Also liking the auto swap emails but similar comment re the people being listed. I only need one sticker 366 on the euros so could do with having a list of all those who have this sticker available.
Ketan Shah
05/10/2012 16:00:10 Swap!
Hi, I am new to this, and have just entered my Dr Who Series 3 stickers, The ones I have to swap and the ones I need. I will swap 1 small sticker for 1 small sticker, 1 large sticker for 1 large sticker and 1 shiny sticker for 1 shiny sticker, as Ibelieve this is the fairest way to swap. Look at my swaps and wants lists and contact me if you have any swaps. Regards, Ketan
Brian Rozsahegyi
28/09/2012 05:36:18 Swap!
Yesterday I started to receive an email from Swapstick entitled Autoswaps.
It suggests the top three swaps possible for one of my albums.
It would be a great feature, except that in every email, every one of the recommended swappers is a free swapper and will not get my swap request.
Could we weed those out and only suggest swappers that are able to swap?????
Adam Foster
28/09/2012 08:59:02 Swap!
@Brian I will have a think about it, the free swappers may join if they get enough requests or delete their album if they get fed up ;) i will have a think about this comment
Brian Rozsahegyi
01/10/2012 04:46:44 Swap!
@Adam Thanks for attempting to change it, however I'm still receiving three free members every time.
Although they are different ones than when I first posted here......
Adam Foster
28/09/2012 12:11:39 Swap!
@Brian those members should not appear in the next autoswaps, I have tweaked the algorithm. Keep the feedback coming thanks
Stewart Allan
25/09/2012 18:18:59 Swap!
Any chance of adding Skylanders Giants !!!
andrew sanderson
02/09/2012 22:20:46 Swap!
any1 want to swap wwe slam attax cards with me
Matt Wales
03/09/2012 22:31:39 Swap!
Hi, does anyone have any Panini Football League 95 swaps? I need 9, if you have some - please get in touch, as there's no album for that one on here at present...many thanks!
Sean Hornsby
31/08/2012 18:48:09 Swap!
@Tim. I have checked your profile & see that you have made 5 swap requests, some this week. I have also checked the profiles of those that you have sent requests to and your requests are on their accounts but none of them have logged in recently. It is the busiest holiday time of the year and unfortunately some swap requests end up in spam folders which people never check. I can only suggest you keep trying because there are lots of us who are continuously swapping on the site but it is a slower process for all those people who are only collecting one type of album.
Simon Styles
03/09/2012 12:44:32 Swap!
Hi every one found a bunch of Star Wars Attack of the clones stickers and have add them to the sight i also foud a bunch of Spider-Man stickers from the first movie but couldn't find an album on here. so if you have the album message me a list of the stickers you need and i'll see what i got for ya.
Sean Hornsby
31/08/2012 13:07:38 Swap!
@Andrew. We are aiming to launch the Market during 4th Qtr.
Andrew Albinson
28/08/2012 17:28:41 Swap!
Hi, does anyone know when the market section on here will be uo and running?
Tim Parrish
31/08/2012 18:15:16 Swap!
When I found this site I thought "Great! This is what I need to finish my collection of Topps Match Attax England 2012"
I was a little peeved to find, only after I put all my swap data in, that there was a cost. However, I thought I would give it a trial.
I have tried to contact some other swappers, several times I have had the successful "an email has been sent", but I have had no replies.
How long typically does it take for people to organise swaps?
I think I may not be renewing after my trial... which is a shame because the concept is great, and the functinality of the website is spot on.
Matt Wales
16/09/2012 20:25:28 Swap!
Many thanks and best wishes Sean! Matt.
Sean Hornsby
25/08/2012 12:39:02 Swap!
@Becky. Use the feedback link to let us know what albums you want added.
Simon Styles
23/08/2012 13:10:34 Swap!
Hi all i found a few good swappers on here but tend to find a lot of people don't bother replying to swap request making it hard to finish any of my collections. My membership is up on 05/09/2012 and i won't be renewing theres no point. Anyone who needs anything i have let me know even if you don't have any swaps we can work something out, most of the topps hero attax avenger cards are on my ebay list now names m0nk3y-boy. Thanks to those i have swapped with Alan N, Kim Downward, David Clark, Chris McIlroy, James Stripe, Steve Loat and Natalie Snow.
Becky Biddick
23/08/2012 20:51:55 Swap!
just wondering if you put albums on here that are not just english language. If not, that is ok
Simon Styles
23/08/2012 13:16:05 Swap!
Sorry My membership is up on 05/10/2012
Sean Hornsby
12/09/2012 13:38:02 Swap!
@Matt - Panini Football League 1995 album now on the site.
Ali Hall
09/09/2012 16:18:55 Swap!
Hi All.
Finding loads of swappers for the Olympic collection - but not having much luck with the Topps Premier League 2012 set. Anyone out there looking to swap?
John Wells
21/03/2013 13:46:10 Swap!
Hi like many others I often pick up job lots of cards and stickers loose at Boot Fairs or in Markets without the album or binder for them.
I wonder therefore if when sets are added to the system any official album, poster entry a tick box ca be added to the wants list section as there seeems to be quite a few members who are missing official album or binder for a range of sets
John Wells
24/03/2013 14:53:31 Swap!
Are collectors of MATCH ATTAX 2009-10 EXTRA aware that some of the icards in this set exist with at least 2 different bar codes. I have LOUIS SAHA and JIMMY BULLARD with different numbers, is it commonplace among therest of the series.
John Wells
21/03/2013 13:46:10 Swap!
Hi like many others I often pick up job lots of cards and stickers loose at Boot Fairs or in Markets without the album or binder for them.
I wonder therefore if when sets are added to the system any official album, poster entry a tick box ca be added to the wants list section as there seeems to be quite a few members who are missing official album or binder for a range of sets
Harry Whiston
26/01/2013 22:10:56 Swap!
PLEASE don't reuse stamps when you send your swaps to people, Ive just had to pay £1.50 twice this week for surcharged postage to Royal Mail because people think it might be cheaper for them but you will soon lose swappers and get a bad reputation.
I will not name and shame this time but I will next time
John Wells
24/03/2013 14:53:30 Swap!
Are collectors of MATCH ATTAX 2009-10 EXTRA aware that some of the icards in this set exist with at least 2 different bar codes. I have LOUIS SAHA and JIMMY BULLARD with different numbers, is it commonplace among therest of the series.
Andrew Albinson
19/03/2013 19:49:38 Swap!
Hi all, does anyone have any of the merlin euro 96 action shot stickers as swaps? I only need : 15, 6, 10, 34, 42, 126, 174, 192, 222, 215, 326 Let me know if you can help and what you would want in return
David Overson
17/02/2013 15:30:49 Swap!
Does anyone have Merlin PL94 stickers as swaps. There were 2 versions of this set one with the copyright statement on the back and one without. I am looking for quite a few without the copyright statement. My email address is aud.dav@tiscali.co.uk. If you have any of these stickers please contact me and we could do a deal.
Jake Tebbutt
14/01/2013 08:36:32 Swap!
Can people please update their lists before requesting a swap also make sure the correct postage is on the envelope before sending, had to pay £1.09 the other day to get some cards.
Sonja Cahill
26/01/2013 16:20:53 Swap!
Match Attax 2011-12
Sonja Cahill
26/01/2013 16:25:57 Swap!
Is their anyone who has match attax 2011-2012 to swap. Have loads to swap or if people want could we have a general of all the extra's everyone has and do a swaps that way.
Robin Pleaden
06/01/2013 20:07:38 Swap!
Cheers Sean
Sean Hornsby
06/01/2013 10:20:45 Swap!
@Robin, Shooting Stars collection now added.
Sean Hornsby
14/11/2012 16:29:46 Swap!
Lego Minifigures Series 8 now added.
Robin Pleaden
10/12/2012 22:19:09 Swap!
Hi, Any chance you can add Shooting Stars 1991/92 season.
Harry Whiston
03/12/2012 13:38:49 Swap!
@ Adam Harry has been given 300+ Topps Match Attax world cup 2010 cards but I cant list them because none of the cards have numbers on them !!! I can send you a image of the card if that helps regards Tony
Sean Hornsby
04/12/2012 14:34:45 Swap!
@Harry. If you go into the swaps page for that album you can click on the button Edit Names. It will then show all the names of the cards so you can put them in. Any problems use Feedback to contact us.
Gary B
13/11/2012 19:56:05 Swap!
Is there any chance of adding Lego Mini-figures series 8 as a swap collection please ?
David Swithenbank
25/10/2012 13:59:22 Swap!
Any chance the new match attax championship cards could be added?
kian longthorn
08/11/2012 18:30:48 Swap!
hi anyone have slamm attax rebelion cards you r willing to swap for other cards
Jake Tebbutt
04/11/2012 21:13:27 Swap!
Hi does anybody want to swap Slam Attax Rebellion (album not yet added) cards and Mayhem cards for either Slam Attax,Slam Attax Rumble and Rebellion cards.
Sean Hornsby
22/10/2012 15:49:54 Swap!
@Robin. Promatch cards now on.
Adam Foster
13/10/2012 15:17:46 Swap!
@Brian I have changed your profile to exclude free members in the auto swaps
Robin Pleaden
17/10/2012 23:00:18 Swap!
Hi, Any chance you can add Promatch series 3 1998, and series 4 1999. Thanks
Brian Rozsahegyi
12/10/2012 05:51:19 Swap!
@Adam, regarding the Auto Swaps email... I'm still getting free members as the top two or so for every album.
Anything you can do??? It's getting pretty frustrating to say the least.
Becky Biddick
31/03/2013 11:53:44 Swap!
I need X11 for The Disney Princess Style panini collection. Only one I need. Tried to get a hold of it, but unable to. Let me know if you have it
Robin Pleaden
02/06/2013 15:40:39 Swap!
Cheers Glyn
kim downward
21/05/2013 20:03:27 Swap!
Danny Taberner the Essien card is an error card, it was only released in the sample packs then changed for the main collection, and so is very rare!
Glyn Roberts
31/05/2013 18:11:09 Swap!
Has any one seen or got a Ready Brek (weetabix) Forfeit card number 20 ? I need this to finish set of 20 but have heard that the instruction card may be the unnumbered final card no 20 ??
Robin Pleaden
01/06/2013 17:20:08 Swap!
MA 09/10 just found out that I have 2 different Paulo Da Silva Sunderland cards, is this rare. Cheers
Glyn Roberts
01/06/2013 21:19:15 Swap!
Hi Robin -there are 2 versions od da Silva card: figure side facing (wrong) has last years kit see logo on shorts, and figure facing front is, I understand, correct. Reasonably easy to find both cards.
Mark james Lawrence
23/04/2013 23:16:03 Swap!
hi does anyone know how i put a request in for new albums my son is collecting pokemon black and white boundaries crossed and plasma storm any one got swaps for these or any older pokemon collections that wouldnt mind swapping
Jane Tomlinson
10/04/2013 21:15:46 Swap!
Hi, we are collecting Panini Adrenalyn Champions League 2012-13. I have 2 limited editions (Cesc Fabergas and Andres Iniesta) that aren't on the LE list??? Is this a good thing??
andrew sanderson
20/04/2013 21:08:36 Swap!
does any1 still collect wwe slam attax 2008 cards as i have about 72 cards for swap and still need quite a few to finish my book
Danny Taberner
27/04/2013 10:45:13 Swap!
In MATCH ATTAX 2012-13 does anyone know if the number 51 card as Michael Essien is common? The site shows it as Victor Moses, as do the latest cards, but we have one with Essien on from a free give-away sample pack.
Patrick Cica
04/01/2014 22:17:01 Swap!
Does anyone want to swap Match Attax LES2 for my LEB2. Please let me know if you are able to help.
Jessy Taylor
11/04/2014 20:34:43 Swap!
@Sean Hornsby : I would like to see the Disney Frozen collection on here. I'm looking to complete the collection and have a few swaps. If it helps, there are 167 numbered stickers, and also poster stickers A1-A12, and E1-E12. let me know if you need a pic of the album cover.
Robin Pleaden
07/04/2014 15:59:49 Swap!
Hi, Any one going to the Match Attax tour day on Wednesday at Wembley and are looking for a trade, to save on postage etc
J Hernandez
19/03/2014 20:10:52 Swap!
@Andrew Albinson, I know the main album has a total of 308 stickers for the Marlin England 98 collection. And If i remember rightly weren't the mini stickers for the poster only available inside packets of Wotsits? So they were never officially part of the main collection.
Andrew Albinson
18/03/2014 20:30:11 Swap!
Hi all, i have a poster from Merlin England 98 (Blue album) which isn't quite complete. Does anybody know what numbers these are and are they with the standard collection or were they different. Confused!!!
Sean Hornsby
02/04/2014 12:24:25 Swap!
Have been asked to put Disney Frozen on the site, but depite requesting info from those who asked no one has been forthcoming. Can anyone tell me how many stickers in the collection & whether there are any special numbers e.g for a poster.
15/02/2014 13:08:23 Swap!
I have Limited Edition cards not available in the UK & German Glory cards from the Adrenalyn XL 13-14 colln to trade. If anyone is interested in these cards contact me. I am prepared to swap across colln's & work out a good trade. Cheers
John Wells
17/03/2014 14:32:25 Swap!
James, hi if you look at my list, you should find some 10/11 listed. I am not collecting the currrent set, but does your bboy have any swaps from my other wants lists, as I have wants or will sell main set cards, excluding foils for 5p each, ohers negotiable.
Please email me johnseagulls@hotmail.co.uk if I canhelp you
James C Thomas
06/03/2014 11:57:53 Swap!
Hi does anyone have any of the old Match Attax 2010/11 cards that they would like to swap for the current MA cards? Message me if you do you would make a little boy very happy.
Gemma Simon
07/02/2014 09:31:55 Swap!
Currently swapping tmnt stickers. Anyone interested message me. Thanks
Ian Hudson
06/02/2014 07:54:05 Swap!
I have lots of Moshi series 3 stickers and also Mash up monster madness cards for swapping, also Toy Story 3, anyone interested in swapping just message me. Thanks
J Hernandez
04/02/2014 20:47:18 Swap!
Collecting the Panini Manchester United 2014 cards. Anyone wants to do some swaps let me know..
mark wright
30/01/2014 19:22:17 Swap!
Do Not Swap with CRAIG PHILLIPS ....
Patrick Cica
25/01/2014 11:00:02 Swap!
I have not received stickers from three swappers in the last month too. I don't send them out until I receive the stickers any more. I don't understand how someone can sink so low to actually cheat on sticker swaps.
Sean Hornsby
22/01/2014 09:03:53 Swap!
Antonio Ruggiero has been removed from the site. For future reference when dealing with new swappers, particularly overseas, try and get agreement to receive first before sending. A genuine swapper shouldn't have an issue with that.
mark wright
25/01/2014 09:36:39 Swap!
I am waiting for 2 lots of swaps to arrive ,i am going to give them 4 more days,before the two names appear on this forum.
ryan mcgurran
28/01/2014 15:12:57 Swap!
trying to message a member and system is emailing me saying ive messaged myself? also the message shows in the inbox as if the part i was contacting sent me it??
Sean Hornsby
22/01/2014 08:58:38 Swap!
@Geoff. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of swappers who seem to take an age to respond to swap requests at the moment. Have checked your profile and see that you have received a number of swap requests so surprised you have only had one successful swap. If you want to look into this further, use the feedback link not the forum to contact support.
James C Thomas
07/01/2014 10:37:42 Swap!
Do NOT trade with antonio ruggiero, he will not send you the cards as promised.
James C Thomas
20/01/2014 11:00:16 Swap!
If you have to trade with Antonio ruggiero make sure you wait to the cards he is sending you arrive be before you send on any to him because he is a lier and a cheat. Ripping off small children is pretty low. Please can his account be removed.
geoff hill
18/01/2014 17:07:46 Swap!
i am trying to contact people for swaps but dont get a reply, i have managed one swap but thats it, when swap stick was free i did lots of swaps, am i doing anything wrong or is it that people can be bothered to reply, my £7.99 seem to be a waste of money.
Mark Berryman
19/01/2014 13:41:11 Swap!
I am also waiting for cards from Antonio ruggiero. It looks like I have also been duped. He needs to be removed from this site
a cassidy
25/05/2014 16:52:31 Swap!
I have loads of Match attaxs left over in swap. Anyone want any??????????????????????????????????
Andy Davies
08/05/2014 11:11:08 Swap!
I have a load of World Cup 2010 stickers left over from last time I collected and a load from Merlins England 98 album. I will stick the numbers on my albums page. If you need any of these and want to swap, I will take any 2014 stickers that I need in return. Interested? email me at andy_charger@hotmail com
Damian Brown
07/05/2014 10:26:25 Swap!
Hi, I am after any FRANK LAMPARD stickers from the Premier League sets of 1998 to 2014 (exluding 08,09 and 2010 sets. Contact me at damo8brown@gmail com
Ryan Pack
06/05/2014 23:40:49 Swap!
I am looking to complete the 'Merlin's England Eurostars 2004 pocket collection, but do not have any swaps. If anyone has any free stickers, I would be most grateful or I would be willing to negotiate a price.
Sean Hornsby
05/05/2014 02:04:07 Swap!
If anyone doesn't receive stickers or cards from a swapper, you should let us know using the feedback links. We have & will suspend accounts of people we get repeated complaints about.
Gary McMillan
04/05/2014 11:58:00 Swap!
From personal experience, not receiving stickers after doing swaps is frustrating and not helpful for anyone. To maintain integrity, I suggest that all swappers use proof of posting. This can be obtained free of charge at any post office. In the event of stickers not being received, the sender can raise a claim with the post office whilst providing proof to the intended recipient.
Steve Smith
01/06/2014 11:11:15 Swap!
Anybody have Premier League 2003 #322(Partridge) with a black back in mint condition? If so let me know what you want in return - don't be shy I want this sticker!
Cayden ODonnell
30/05/2014 16:38:49 Swap!
Does anyone have TOPPS PRO 11 GOLD REWARD CARDS - Tottenham Players
I have Suarez, Toure, Soldaldo and gerrard
Cayden ODonnell
30/05/2014 16:07:51 Swap!
Does anyone need Topps Authentic Premier Gold 2010/11 cards or Topps Premier Gold 2013/14 Green Cards?
John Wells
27/05/2014 20:03:27 Swap!
I have many cads and stickers from a range of sets, please check out my lists.
If I have anything of interest to you, but there is no match qouted, please dont let that deter you.
I am willling to swap for WC14 STICKERS that I need 1-1 foil for foil or will sell anyhing listed.
got a wants list of football cardsnot listed email me, johnseagulls@hotmail.co.uk.
Scott Godridge
30/06/2014 18:01:28 Swap!
world cup 2014, anyone have any of the following for my Son please ? Required ..... 78, 241, 302, 410, 507, 582, 575, 596. In swap, we have..... 62, 79, 88, 106, 119, 141, 161, 207, 231, 243, 246, 250, 297, 321, 326, 339, 426, 429, 496, 506, 510, 517, 509, 511, 523, 538, 544, 611, 618 Many thanks !
Dean Jones12121
30/06/2014 10:19:58 Swap!
Anyone collecting Transformers 4 cards?
rob jovanovic
29/06/2014 14:40:44 Swap!
Anyone collected World Cup 2014 Panini Prizm cards? I have lots of swaps robj@innotts.co.uk
Jim Barrie
17/06/2014 20:14:19 Swap!
I am very sorry to lack of replies my wife had a stroke. I will be updated asap. Ta Jim
Glyn Roberts
17/06/2014 01:44:03 Swap!
For those collecting Star Wars Force Attax series 5 the exclusive card numbered T1 Anakin Skywalker and Yoda with art by Kuca Bertele is available with Star Wars magazine issue 6, dated July 2014
Gary Floate
09/08/2014 11:23:46 Swap!
Dan, cant find how to contact you, looked on names and cant see you
Corky Clarke
06/08/2014 18:04:22 Swap!
Is anyone still swapping Euro 2012 stickers? Now I've nearly done my World Cup 2014, I'd like to complete the Euro 2012 album as well.
Gary Floate
07/08/2014 22:19:49 Swap!
Panini world cup 2002, Anyone got sticker 420 and wants to swap, I'll gave 10 stickers for it
Ben Dean
01/08/2014 09:01:34 Swap!
Has anybody got any Match Attax World Cup 2014 cards, that they are prepared to swap ? I only need 18, I've got 174 different swaps, but nobody relies to my requests, even when offering 3/4 times as many cards.
Ben Dean
01/08/2014 09:11:59 Swap!
The numbers I need are 139, 159, 164, 246 x 2, 249, 250 x 2, 251, 256, 257, 263, 265, 261 x 2, 294, 298 I'm happy to send 5 cards for each card. Cheers Ben
James C Thomas
28/10/2014 22:33:51 Swap!
Hi has any
one got the Saphir Taider MA 14/15 card that came with the sneak peak packs with the match of day magazine. Happy to swap it for a LE card.
Corky Clarke
03/10/2014 13:56:40 Swap!
I am still trying to complete my Euro 2012 album. I have quite a few swaps from WC 2014. Anyone got Euro 2012 swaps and need either Euro 2012 or WC 2014? I'll swap either.
James C Thomas
22/09/2014 20:06:41 Swap!
Hi does anyone have any Panini World Cup 2010 or Panini Euro 2012 Trading Cards they would like to swap? I have hundreds of match attax to swap for them. Please let me know.
stephen Docherty
20/09/2014 09:39:54 Swap!
Please note if your collecting world stars 2014 and match attax England all cards are the same apart from the England team who have white shorts and the goalkeepers have black shorts. world stars have black shorts and goalkeeper orange shorts
Paul Milner
07/09/2014 09:12:56 Swap!
Hi All
I have noticed certain anomalies in t new Transformer series. Has anyone noticed differences in the cards.
Regular card No 78 - different logos on the back of the cards.
Regular card No 44 - The values and symbols on the front of the card is different.
I have 2 of each of these cards, with the above differences.
Has anyone else noticed any other changes. Topps say some cards from a test set have been sent out in error. So if you have them, keep them, they may be worth a bit more than usual, if you decide to sell them.
Paul M
Matthew CEPEK
20/07/2015 18:23:50 Swap!
does anybody have gil berkovics' email.
Laura Curtis
02/07/2015 15:56:43 Swap!
I signed up for swaps of the Disney Frozen My Sister My Hero sticker collection in the end, but what I did originally come looking for was swaps for the Frozen Winter Magic card collection. Anyone else have those? If so I'd love to organise some swaps as my little girl only has 7 left to get for the full folder :)
I have an absolute LOAD to swap....seriously, we're talking probably 300+
So if anyone has any, let me know :)
Specifically looking for: 8, 26, 39, 51, 71, 79 and 154.
David Overson
30/04/2015 09:35:32 Swap!
Does any one have any Merlin kick off 98 with a large CE on the back. Email me at aud.dav@tiscali.co.uk if you can help
David Overson
30/04/2015 09:32:34 Swap!
Does any one have any of the Shredies backed Merlin stickers. I am looking for the badges. Email at aud.dav@tiscali.co.uk if you can help.
Ricky Lorimer
26/04/2015 16:21:36 Swap!
Hi Everyone bit of help needed please, 2nd request Shreddies Back Merlin Premier League 96 and Walkers Back Merlin Premier League 2002 were the bigger stickers issued with these backs. Im guessing not due to them being inserted into crisp packets and cereals. Anyone know the answer. After Man Utd swaps of these backs if anyone wants to trade also black back Man Utd 2003 ricky lorimer , rickyl40@hotmail.co.uk
David Overson
30/04/2015 09:34:24 Swap!
Does anyone have the Merlin walkers backs or the Merlin premier league 97 stickers with the large 97 on the back.
Email me at aud.dav@tiscali.co.uk
David Overson
30/04/2015 09:30:43 Swap!
Does anyone have any of the Merlin premier league 94 set without the copyright statement (premier league 94) on the back. Email me at dav.aud@tiscali.co.uk.
Paul Milner
25/04/2015 19:43:45 Swap!
Hi There
To all swapper's who i have swapped with, i thank you. To those who do not bother to answer any requests. I hope you never complete your collections.
I have some Top Gear and Marvel Avenger cards available for free. Mostly common / base cards. So if you want them, either check out my account. Or let me know what you need, and i will see what i have.
All it will cost you, is to send me an SAE, with a stamp on it.
What better offer, could i make, now i will see how many replies i get.
Contact me on :- paul.5sqn@talktalk.net
Matthew CEPEK
20/04/2015 14:24:44 Swap!
Hi everyone. I have loads of cards for sale for recent football card collections if anyone is interested.
Ricky Lorimer
26/04/2015 16:15:42 Swap!
Does anyone else on here collect THE OLDER EARLY 70S STICKERS . Im after Top Sellers 73,74,75,76,77 Manchester United cards and 1970 - 1980 FKS Man Utd Cards not ex album Please leave me a message may have some swaps. Know this is a long shot as some younger members will never of heard of these Regards Ricky rickyl40@hotmail.co.uk
Tracy Cotton
23/04/2015 14:19:19 Swap!
I have lots of topps disney frozen cards for sale, my collection is now complete (8 for £1)
Also got top avengers hero attax cards for sale, still finishing this collection so will sell (8 for £1) or swap for unopened packs :-)
stephen Docherty
29/03/2015 13:39:34 Swap!
Hi Christopher let me know what your looking for
Christopher Collins
29/03/2015 11:50:09 Swap!
Hi. I have just registered as i have many "needs" - however i do not have many "swaps" :( - is there anyway i can purchase from people instead? many thanks
Ricky Lorimer
22/02/2015 09:12:44 Swap!
Hi Everyone bit of help needed. Shreddies Back Merlin Premier League 96 and Walkers Back Merlin Premier League 2002 were the bigger stickers issued with these backs. Im guessing not due to them being inserted into crisp packets and cereals. Anyone know the answer. After Man Utd swaps of these backs if anyone wants to trade also black back Man Utd 2003 ricky lorimer
James C Thomas
23/03/2015 22:01:56 Swap!
Hi would anyone be interested in purchasing 150 different Match Attax 14/15 cards or 100 Match attax extra 14/15 cards for £10 plus postage? But sets would come with lots of shiney cards. also got loads of other cards MA 07/08, MA 08/09, MA 11/12 Extras, MA world cup 2010 & MA Euro 2012 if anyone wants them.
Ricky Lorimer
15/02/2015 18:30:28 Swap!
Hi Everyone just joined the site and have been busily sending out swap requests.Does anyone else on here collect THE OLDER EARLY 70S STICKERS . Im after Top Sellers 73,74,75,76,77 Manchester United cards and 1970 - 1980 FKS Man Utd Cards not ex album Please leave me a message may have some swaps. No this is a lonfg shot as some younger members never heard of these Regards Ricky
Gary Floate
06/02/2015 22:52:08 Swap!
Green Back Panini 1994 Anyone. I need 4 to finish the book 102 Palhinha (Brazil), 130 Denis Tchantal Nde (Cameroon) 242 Diego Maradonna (Argentina)and 386 Mustapha Hadji (Morocco). I have some swaps, but will pay reasonable price for any of the above 4
Alex Christodoulou
15/02/2015 16:19:11 Swap!
ryan mcgurran
17/08/2015 18:35:38 Swap!
hi all been off here a long time. not collecting much now but have a ton to sell or trade. ive decided it would be good to try do a set i dont have trading off cards from sets i do have. i have an absolute ton of cards so please contact me. i have a lot of american issue memo cards and autos from nfl, baseball mls etc
James C Thomas
08/12/2016 17:07:52 Swap!
Hi Does anyone have a Match Attax Championship Binder for 2012/13 that they no longer want? My son really want this and its no longer available, we would happily swap for something else.
Lee Hodgkinson
15/01/2017 12:16:51 Swap!
Please can all swappers click on the little swap to the right of my name. Im sure many of you have stickers i need to complete my collections but i just cant seem to find you or get a response anymore. Has this site slowly died a death? Do i need to register elsewhere????
Richard Badger
05/03/2017 11:09:23 Swap!
I have for sale over 450 mint condition futera cards. They are from the Man U, Liverpool & Chelsea collections. Please PM your offers
Richard Badger
05/03/2017 11:33:10 Swap!
I have 45 Panini Prizm 2016 cards and 13 Panini Select 2015 cards for sale. All in mint condition.
Lee Hodgkinson
19/05/2017 12:12:31 Swap!
Is there a way to add a "last active" detail to a mutual swap page. I send out hundreds of swap requests and receive very little back these days. Pretty frustrating when im so close to completing many albums and have literally hundreds of swaps to offer in exchange.
John w. Ellis
28/05/2017 12:10:00 Swap!
Manchester United Futera full set including binder for sale, £20
Twan van der Zandt
03/06/2017 11:25:54 Swap!
Hello, I have a question about the Road to World Cup Adrenalyn. There are 2 Limited edition online cards. One with the value of 5 coins and one with the value of 20 coins. Is this correct? I found a card with 20 coins so I think 50 must be 20? Maybe in The UK there are also cards with 50? Can anyone confirm?
Twan van der Zandt
03/06/2017 11:54:20 Swap!
sorry I made mistake there cards listed here of 5 and 50 and I think 50 must be 20...
Geoff Burns
13/06/2017 12:50:12 Swap!
Hi. I am struggling to get hold of 2 stickers from the euro 2008 collection the 2 I need are Now :- 14 & 240a to complete. I am open to offers for these 2. Please message me on swap stick thanks
Milan Jek
16/06/2017 05:34:55 Swap!
Hi all, I am looking for 6 stickers in the Euro 84 (1984) Panini album:
26 Stadion de la Baujoire
29 Stadion St Etienne
111 Yugoslavia badge
136 Deutschland badge
155 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
156 Dieter Burdenski
Please contact me Asap if you have any of these!
Derek Scambler
02/07/2017 09:18:58 Swap!
Struggling to finish my little girl's Disney Princess Dream big album. If anyone has any swaps that they would sell, please let me know
Duncan Cavanagh
15/07/2017 19:51:42 Swap!
Hi.I am looking to complete the Futera Cricket sets for 1995-96 and 1996-97. Anyone interested in any swaps? Thanks. Duncan.
Duncan Cavanagh
15/07/2017 19:53:05 Swap!
Hi. I have a large number of MLB, NBA and NFL Cards 1995-1998. Anyone interested in any swap deals? Thanks. Duncan.
Multi Medea
05/01/2018 00:54:08 Swap!
Hi! I'm very interested in trading my extra Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts stickers with any other HP fan. Please see my album for sticker numbers. Multimedea @yahoo . com 😁
john wells11954
26/05/2018 15:59:46 Swap!
Lots of football trade cards available for sale NOTHING SINCE 2016. many FKS Animals stickers for sale. plus PANINI ODDS FROM MANY SETS. johnseagulls@hotmail.co.uk
Corky Clarke
13/06/2018 18:55:03 Swap!
No spamming or swearing please! Only need 19 more World Cup 18 stickers, and would like to finish it on here rather than send off to Panini. I am willing to offer larger swaps ie 1 for 3 2 for 6 etc. Can anyone help out. Not having much success at the moment.
Kevin Sharp
16/06/2018 20:20:14 Swap!
Hi Corky, I'm just done (last one on its way). I can help you with 544 and 628 if interested.
Cameron Potter
25/06/2018 22:53:30 Swap!
Hi guys
I have only 1 stickers left to fill my panini World Cup 2010 album which is #387!! Can anyone please give me a hand and send it to me? I can swap Russia stickers from this year if anyone wanted to.
John Wells
26/06/2018 08:45:04 Swap!
I am trying to obtain ALL cards/ stickers of players of BRIGHTON, either in club colours or
ESQUID0 ( CoLUMBIA ) also skalak ( Czech Republic ) kayal/ Hemed (Israel 0, Propper ( Holland, ARDONE (Rumania) Duffy, norwood Ireland
please email johnseagulls@hotmail.co.uk
Amanda Witt
31/07/2018 09:48:45 Swap!
Is anyone wanting to pay postage to swap with me in Australia? (apart from the others here, I've done it with a couple already)
I keep getting swap requests from people after updating my album, and as soon as I say I'm in Aust., they pull out, citing postage as the biggest factor.
I now have over 60 duplicates and 12 of the cards that I don't collect.
Wayne Hill
02/09/2018 11:42:29 Swap!
Hi,I only need sticker 587 (Jesse Lingard) to complete my Panini World Cup Russia 2018 album. I would be willing to swap this 1 sticker for a number of swaps. Please message me if this is of interest. Thanks, Wayne
Robin Pleaden
18/09/2018 15:02:02 Swap!
Pity a site we have to pay for doesn't add new collections as soon as they come out #toppsSPFL2018/19
Gniewosz Delatowski
18/09/2018 17:20:28 Swap!
Pity also they didnt add yet Fifa pannini adrenalyn 2019
Peter Harrison1
21/09/2018 10:37:17 Swap!
Hi - can you please add the Lego Starwars Trading Card collection which was lauched a couple of weeks ago, thanks :))
Jack Silva
01/10/2018 00:40:31 Swap!
I need L1, L2, and L4 from Merlin Kick Off 200708. Can anyone help?
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