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andrew strauss
12/02/2010 06:30:33 AM Swap!
Hi Adam, yes I can send you some. I like the swap link, very handy
Debbie Pugh
03/19/2011 04:30:57 PM Swap!
New here not sure how this works
Guy Keeley
04/19/2011 10:28:44 AM Swap!
you can still order these on line from Panini.
Alex White
04/02/2011 03:23:44 PM Swap!
Help, I just need two stickers to finish my panini world cup, number 1 and 141.
Adam Foster
12/01/2010 05:53:41 PM Swap!
yo dudes i still need some stickers so please swap with me
Damo Whittaker
06/05/2012 03:46:28 PM Swap!
I need 35 stickers to complete my album, and I have 261 stickers to swap please help and swap with me!!!!!!
Mounir Tabet_Aoul
06/13/2012 03:29:07 PM Swap!
Hey guy's, I'm new to this forum so if one of you could tell me where can I find the Panini Euro 2012 sticker album section, that would be really kind, as I'm in need for some swaps. Thanks :)
Sean Hornsby
06/14/2012 11:50:04 AM Swap!
@Mounir. There isn't a specific Euro 2012 section as members swap using the swap request facilty by clicking on the names of swappers at the bottom of their albums swap page. See How to Swap section of the site.
Robin Pleaden
06/14/2012 10:22:35 PM Swap!
hi does anyone know how to completely delete an album from your own lists, as for some reason I have 3 Match attack England 2012 albums showing but I only have one, it says they are deleted, but I can still see them!
John Wells
06/15/2012 12:14:58 AM Swap!
I too have that problem, unfortunatly mine is caused by a tremor due to Parkinsons.
john having
John Wells
06/15/2012 12:24:03 AM Swap!
Can anyone explain, why, when we are on here to complete our albums, or to help others complete there's , that so many STILL do not include their email.
If there is no obvious match but I have someone elses wants there is no way of contacting them.
john o
Eyal Alkobi
08/01/2012 01:27:34 PM Swap!
I need 45 stickers to complete my album, and I have 358 stickers to swap please help and swap with me!
michael patterson
08/08/2014 03:00:50 PM Swap!
would anyone sell me the stickers i need to complete my 2010 album for 10p each please check my page for numbers i need , ps will provide stamp for postage
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