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Matthew Stanfield
03/02/2011 13:48:19 Swap!
Hi - have just registered as collecting Premier League 2011. Am finding it all a bit confusing to get started with this!! Have noticed that collection states 648 but I only have 449 in my book!! Can I just presume this is an error on the site?? Have received 2 emails today regarding swaps....so just hope I am doing it right!!! :0)
ian buchan
19/01/2011 23:16:12 Swap!
hi i just added my wants and swaps lists and recieved my first request to swap, however it seems that my collection appears as completed and not showing to the recipent, my wanted list.
i think i my have fixed this with the restore click, however can you check all is well with my collection page.
cheers thank you
alessandro bianchi
30/01/2011 22:01:30 Swap!
Hi Friends,
I'm writing from Italy and I'm interested to swap stickers Premier League 2011. I could swap with stickers regarding Champions League 2010/2011, Italian football or oldest stickers collections (I have many stickers regarding oldest Champions league, Italian football but also Euro, World cup etc.) Please contact me on my email aledday@yahoo.it Thank you. Alessandro Bianchi
13/09/2011 19:41:44 Swap!
Hi - just registered and a bit confused. I don't understand how this website works.
I am looking for merlin premier league stickers from the 2001 collection. The numbers are 17,87,125,165,186,191,194,239,269,303,336,345,389,396. + Poster stickers D and U.
I don't have any stickers to swap, so maybe someone could just sell me them.
Thanks. my email is west2nd@libero.it
Adam Foster
10/01/2011 13:11:29 Swap!
I have added Topps Premier League sticker swap page now
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