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Winnie The Pooh

Glen Thomas
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 Details: Winnie the Pooh is the lovable bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and he just loves to eat honey, but Pooh’s biggest concern is not honey, it is his friends.  Their happiness and feelings are the most important things in the world to Pooh.  Tigger the tiger is one of Pooh’s friends, who has a real zest for life and often bounces around on his springy tail.  Piglet is the nervous little pig who is often afraid of things, but he never fails to lend a helping hand.  Eeyore the donkey is quite miserable on the surface but the little pink bow on his tail is a pleasant symbol of the happiness that sometimes surfaces in him.  Rabbit is probably the cleverest of the Hundred Acre Wood friends and he likes to be the leader of the group.  And finally, Roo is the tiny kangaroo who observes the world in an understanding and caring way.  He is very curious and loves to discover all of the little wonders in life. It was on December 24th 1925 that the first Winnie the Pooh story was printed, and to celebrate the 80 years of friendship, fun and adventure that Pooh and his friends have shared, everyone’s favourite bear and his pals are back in the new sticker collection from Panini.


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