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Duncan Cavanagh
27/05/2024 16:51:43 swap
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Hi. I have 53 Upper Deck 1994 World Cup cards available for a swap, either for others from the set or for something comparable.Let me know if interested.Thanks.Duncan.
Duncan Cavanagh
19/06/2023 20:28:16 swap
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Hi. I have a number of swaps for Card Crazy 1995 set Superstars Of Rugby League.Anyone interested in a swap? I need a few of the set or happy to swap for something comparable.Thanks.Duncan.
Steven Pullan
14/04/2023 12:01:10 swap
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Hi looking for ABC football transparencies Steve Kember Crystal Palace also looking for a few Merlin Team 90 stickers No:14,126,167,213,242,306. and if anyone has any B.A.B souvenir football circular stickers Bobby Moore, John Aston,Jimmy Rimmer & Terry cooper from 1970 please let me know.
Phil Smith
15/02/2023 06:44:42 swap
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Exactly! This is ridiculous. Have loads of swaps as I’m sure many others do but can’t do anything about them.
Andrew McNamara
13/02/2023 11:31:00 swap
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How shortly is shortly!!
Zara Armstrong
02/02/2023 21:07:14 swap
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I've had an email from Adam Foster. He's been away for a while. The PL23 sticker album will be added to the site shortly. Look forward to swapping, Zara.
Chris7 Smith
01/02/2023 18:53:14 swap
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Like many others I have asked about adding the 2023 premier league album and like many others have had no response. I have built up swaps and have used the last sticker site, which has been okay but is hard to build up a rapport with new swappers like I had on swapstick. Hopefully they will add soon as they normally add new albums quickly especially if you ask for them to be added.
Phil Smith
31/01/2023 20:21:03 swap
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I have also asked this question but heard nothing back. Most unusual as they are normally on the ball with new collections so not sure why such a big one like PL is taking so long ?
Andrew McNamara
26/01/2023 09:27:07 swap
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I've also chased Zara, heard nothing back. I have instead just logged everything on a spreadsheet now, and trading elsewhere for it. Quite frustrating, the album came out over a month ago and a number of members are waiting for it
Zara Armstrong
24/01/2023 19:30:20 swap
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is anyone else wondering when the Panini Premier League 2023 sticker album will be added to the site? Have tried, unsuccessfully to get an answer from admin twice through the feedback form over last couple of weeks....
Michael Third
17/01/2023 15:45:00 swap
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Is anyone still swapping on here?
Adam Pateman
11/12/2022 16:16:50 swap
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Only just joined this time around. Sorry if this has been asked before but confused on the set-up of the numbers in the index for this album. So wanted to check if i am in the right forum. Mine starts with FWC stickers and then teams at the back. I don't have rookies, beleivers etc? Is there a different album type for the uK? thanks
Amanda Witt
21/11/2022 08:08:15 swap
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I've just received a swap from the UK and postage is £ 1.85, according to the stamp I got.
It can take over a week to arrive/send.
And we have no border on our stickers here, just the greeny/purple surround colour
Matthew Gillham
20/11/2022 16:14:00 swap
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Is there a way to list the orange or oryx versions of the stickers or just the standard version?
Adam Foster
14/11/2022 17:37:27 swap
Panini FIFA World Cup 2022 See All Comments
@amanda how much is postage to Australia? and how long does it take for stickers to arrive? What colour is the border of 2022 wc stickers?
Adam Foster
14/11/2022 17:34:02 swap
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There seems to be an issue with USA world cup stickers having a different border than UK ones, there is also possibly an issue with Irish ones.
I will investigate and upload a video
Amanda Witt
04/11/2022 23:18:10 swap
Panini FIFA World Cup 2022 See All Comments
Please note that I am in Australia and despite it being in my profile, many here assume I'm in the UK and then say they can't do a swap after all.
I have three incomplete albums from 2010, 2014 and 2018 with swaps for each, because I hit this problem every year where some on this site aren't willing to pay the overseas postage or wait the time it would take for them to arrive.
I won't be initiating many swaps because of this, I don't know who wants to send to Australia and who doesn't.
There are only a couple of fellow Aussies here so far and we don't have mutual swaps right now.
Adam Foster
04/11/2022 12:04:14 swap
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Welcome to the FIFA World Cup 2022 sticker forum.
matthew graham
04/11/2022 11:54:41 swap
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need championship cards fore 2008 panini
John Wells
12/10/2022 20:25:31 swap
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matthew hi are we the only 2 in the hobby on here, or has the urge for MATCH ATTAX finally ended..
if you are intertsed i have many cards and stickers for sale or swap. APPARENTLY THERE are at least 4 versions of these, as usual PANINI have fallen for it. The teams ae0vwesioondvrdsionCountries takin part are the same wherever one lives. There are at least 3 variants on the 2018 WC SETS,ONE FOR UK, ONE WITH PINK BACKSK, AND ONE WITH GOLD LETERING.
I PRObably will collect them but exoect all the foil ones are taken out of the boxes, on ppening, and snaffled away for 3 years, and wthen suddenly appear at daft rates
i will start as i usualy do by geting any Brighton related cards stickers 1st.##john

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