SwapStick Terms and Membership Benefits

Welcome to SwapStick the ultimate swap site for stickers, cards and other collectables.

You can register for free on SwapStick by simply clicking the JOIN NOW button and filling in the short form.
Once registered you can set up your albums, create a profile, enter in your swaps and needs, and manage your collections. See the "How to Swap" section of the site for full instructions.

SwapStick provides an online database of over 500 sticker and card collections, ideal for you to use to keep

track of all your albums particularly if you are swapping at school, work or socially. We constantly update the site with new collections as well as add older classic collections as members request them. IF YOU WANT A COLLECTION ADDED JUST CONTACT US WITH AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN, USING ONE OF THE FEEDBACK LINKS ON THE SITE. You will also find checklists for a large number of the collections and some of these include various special stickers and limited editions that we have found out about.

You can use the site to manage your collections absolutely free.

Unlike other (FREE) Swap Sites, we guarantee not to SELL or PASS your details on to any 3rd party. Are you fed up with all those Spam emails, and potential virus threats? How do you think they get your details? Be internet safe, nothing on the internet is Free, there's always a price to pay!

To exchange swap requests with other members you do need to join as a full member. A full member has unlimited swap requests for the period of their membership. Swapstick offers two options for full membership.

Option 1 - Ideal for people with only a few collections to complete. Membership costs just 99p per month (charged bi-monthly in advance). This enables members to join and complete as many swaps as they can. If they don't want to renew membership for a period of time, they can suspend their membership and then renew again at a later date when more swaps are available.

If a member does not want to renew their membership, all we ask is that you give us 1 month's notice in writing using one of the feedback links on the site. This enables us to ensure any future payments are cancelled.

Option 2 - is the annual membership option at £7.99 (the equivalent of just 66p per month). This ensures you don't miss out on any swap requests when members add new swaps to their collections.

So if you consider the cost of most stickers and cards, a SwapStick member could save on the cost of membership by swapping just 15 stickers per month or even less on rarer or more expensive collections!

SwapStick does work and can save you money, you just need to make sure you have plenty of swaps to exchange! The more collections you add the more likely you will find members to swap with. 

Once registered just click Upgrade Membership.

You can also buy some of the latest sticker and card collections through our Online Shop all with great discounts for members. In addition we plan to add a Marketplace where members will be able to buy & sell their own items.

Why does SwapStick charge for membership?

Having run the site for free for over 5 years, we found it just cost too much to run from both a time and money point of view. We have invested in the site, we provide customer support, continue to add the latest collections, and will be marketing the site to increase membership levels, which in turn increases the number of swap opportunities. We know that SwapStick can save people money through swapping as well as help avid collectors complete collections where the cards or stickers are no longer readily available to buy.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

A member can cancel their membership at any time. Membership automatically renews at the end of each period so all we ask is that you give us 1 month's notice in writing using one of the feedback links on the site. This enables us to ensure any future payments are cancelled.

Your membership will continue to run and then expire at the end of it's current period. Please note we don't give refunds if you just forget.


Enjoy yourselves and we would welcome any feedback.



The Swapstick Team