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Doctor Who Ultimate Monsters

John Wells
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 Details: Battles in Time - Ultimate Monsters The next series of Battles in Time trading cards. Now featuring a mix of classic characters and your favourites from the new series! Building on the fantastic success of the stunning Exterminator, Annihilator and Invader decks in the Doctor Who: Battles in Time Ultimate Trading Card Collection, GE Fabbri is proud to announce the launch of its latest thrilling expansion set – the Ultimate Monsters series! With amazing new images of aliens and monsters from both the classic series and the Doctor’s latest TV adventures, 225 exciting brand-new cards will be launched in shops across the UK on Wednesday 5th March 2008, priced only £1.50 per pack of 9 cards. “Everyone on the Battles in Time team has been wanting to delve into the classic series for ages,” says editor Claire Lister. “There are so many brilliant monsters and aliens from the first era of Doctor Who, and creating the new Ultimate Monsters collector’s cards has reminded us all of the great heritage of the show!” The ultimate adventure begins with a bumper 40-page Special magazine featuring an in-depth guide to the characters featured in the Ultimate Monsters set, plus exciting new puzzles. This special edition comes with a whopping FOUR booster packs to get your new Ultimate Monsters collection off to an amazing start! - Doctor Who: Battles In Time is a trading card and magazine collection that launched in September 2006 with the Exterminator series of 275 cards, followed by the Annihilator series of 100 cards and the Invader series of 225 cards. Cards are also available to collectors of the partwork, which comes with one pack of cards per fortnightly issue, priced just £2.50. The game-play of the Ultimate Monsters cards is completely compatible with all preceding sets. - 225 unique designs to collect based on the new TV adventures and the entire amazing history of the classic series. - 9 cards in every pack – 8 common and 1 rare, plus some packs have an extra super-rare or ultra-rare 10th card. - Includes six character decks: Hero, Human, Alien, Robot, Monster, Dalek, Cyberman plus Bonus Cards to boost game-play. - Pack odds: 185 common cards (8 in every pack), 25 rare shiny cards (1 in every pack), 10 super-rare holographic, bumpy or glow-in-the dark cards (1 in every 6 packs) and 5 ultra-rare lenticular (moving image) cards (1 in every 24 packs). - The rarest card of all – the Golden Ticket – is only found in 1 in every 1000 packs. - Cards available separately at £1.50 from local newsagents, Woolworths, WHSmith, Asda, McColls, Borders, Toys ‘R’ Us, Forbidden Planet, and all good hobby stores. About the combination packs with the magazine - Issue 39 comes with one pack of Invader cards and one pack of Ultimate Monsters cards and a FREE tickchart that covers the new cards. - After that, collectors of the Battles in Time partwork will get an Invader/Ultimate Monsters combination pack with the magazine starting from issue 40. - 12 cards in every pack – 5 common and 1 rare Exterminator cards, and 5 common and 1 rare Annihilator cards, plus some pack have an extra super-rare or ultra-rare 13th card. - Pack odds: 369 common cards (10 in every pack), 50 rare shiny cards (2 in every pack), 20 super-rare holographic, bumpy, scratch ‘n’ sniff or glow-in-the-dark cards (1 in every 6 packs) and 11 ultra-rare lenticular (moving image) cards (1 in every 24 packs). Battles in Time: 'Ultimate Monsters' is released on 5th March 2008.
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