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Last Saved: 05/24/2018 10:17:25 AM

Morrisons Disneyland Paris 20th

Charlene Gillingham
Joined: 2 Jul 2016
Status: Deleted
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 Details: Morrisons second set of Disney Cards. Total of 99 cards, in categories A to K. Note the number 5 card in each category is available in 2 versions. A standard card and a shiney card with a blue border. We have numbered these separately by putting a small s after the number e.g. A5s. This effectively adds a further 11 cards to the set.
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A1 Minnie, A5 Mickey, A7 Goofy, A8 Grandma Duck, A9 Pete, B2 Sleepy, B3 Grumpy, B4 Bashful, B5 Snow White, B6 Dopey, B7 Sneezy, B9 Happy, C2 Dumbo, C3 Dumbo & Timothy Mouse 2, C4 The Ringmaster, C7 Clowns, C8 Messenger Stork, C9 Timothy Mouse, D1 Faline, D2 Friend Owl, D3 Bambi & Thumper, D6 Flower, D7 Bambi & Friends, D8 Great Prince, D9 Mother & Bambi, E1 Cinderella, E2 Fairy Godmother, E3 Suzy, E7 Trusty, E8 Jock, E9 Lady & The Tramp, F1 Pongo, F2 Pepper & Penny, F3 Roger & Anita, F5 Cruella De Vil, F7 Family Radcliff, F8 Patch, Rolly & Thunder, F9 Perdita, G1 Baloo, G2 Mowgli, G3 Bagheera, G4 Duchess, G7 Little John, G8 Robin Hood, G9 Sheriff Of Nottingham, H1 Flounder, H2 Ariel & Eric, H3 Sebastian, H4 Cogsworth, H6 Beast, H7 Jafar, H9 Genie, I1 Scar, I3 Rafik, I4 Timon, I7 Zazu, I8 Nala, J2 John Smith & Pocahontas, J3 Meeko, J4 Roy, J5 Tiana, J7 Pascal, J8 Flynn & Rapunzel, J9 Maximus, K1 Woody & Buzz, K2 Flik, K3 Sully, K6 Lightning McQueen, K7 Remy, K8 Wall-E, K9 Russell & Carl
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I5s Simba & Nala, J5s Tiana

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