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Last Saved: 03/10/2013 12:42:15 AM

Ice Age 3

Nav Bhamra
Status: Completed Swap!
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 Details: The Mammoths are expecting! Diego the Saber Tooth and the Possums Crash and Eddie all help the sloth Sid with a baby shower. Talk of the new family dynamic leads Diego and Sid to feel left out, and the two wander off. When Sid decides to raise two mysterious eggs as his own, an angry T-Rex is drawn from a mysterious cave to the icy tundra in search of her babies. Momma finds her dino babies with Sid, snatches them and descends back down the ice cave. The gang must follow if they are to ever see their friend Sid again. Aided by a weasel named Buck, the gang must brave the mysterious sub tropics of the Lost World; where dinosaurs and carnivorous plants rule the land. While Buck and the Possums help rescue Sid, Diego must step up to the plate and deliver the young Mammoth. The Ice Age 3 sticker collection consists of 180 stickers including 24 glitter and 12 felt stickers, and a 32 page album with a pull out poster. Album: £1.25p Sticker Packets (containing 5 Stickers): 40p
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