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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl    

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 Diamond & Pearl is the seventeenth Pokémon TCG set released by Pokémon USA, released on May 23, 2007. The set is the first in English-language territories to include fourth-generation Pokémon; namely, those that first featured in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl video games on the Nintendo DS. Several new rules were introduced to the Pokémon Trading Card Game with the release of Diamond & Pearl in Japan, and several changes have been made to the format of the cards; some of these changes were included on previous card formats, and others are brand new. One such change is the introduction of Pokémon LV.X, replacing the retired Pokémon-ex and Pokémon-"star" cards.
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Every single card has a reverse holo-foil version (even the holographic cards.) This is exactly the same card (with the same number) but a holo-foil version. Some cards have the picture in holo-foil, some have everything but the picture in holo-foil., This means that there are non holographic versions of the the cards named as holographic cards that appear at the top of the checklist., So just because a card is holo-foil doesn't necessarily mean it's rare. The holo-foil version is slightly rarer than it's normal version but if it's listed as a common card, it is still common despite it being a holo-foil card., 1 Dialga Rare Holo, 2 Dusknoir Rare Holo , 3 Electivire Rare Holo , 4 Empoleon Rare Holo , 5 Infernape Rare Holo , 6 Lucario Rare Holo, 7 Luxray Rare Holo, 8 Magnezone Rare Holo , 9 Manaphy Rare Holo, 10 Mismagius Rare Holo, 11 Palkia Rare Holo, 12 Rhyperior Rare Holo, 13 Roserade Rare Holo, 14 Shiftry Rare Holo, 15 Skuntank Rare Holo, 16 Staraptor Rare Holo , 17 Torterra Rare Holo, 18 Azumarill Rare, 19 Beautifly Rare, 20 Bibarel Rare, 21 Carnivine Rare, 22 Clefable Rare, 23 Drapion Rare, 24 Drifblim Rare, 25 Dustox Rare, 26 Floatzel Rare, 27 Gengar Rare, 28 Heracross Rare, 29 Hippowdon Rare, 30 Lopunny Rare, 31 Machamp Rare, 32 Medicham Rare , 33 Munchlax Rare, 34 Noctowl Rare, 35 Pachirisu Rare, 36 Purugly Rare, 37 Snorlax Rare, 38 Steelix Rare, 39 Vespiquen Rare, 40 Weavile Rare, 41 Wobbuffet Rare, 42 Wynaut Rare, 43 Budew Uncommon , 44 Cascoon Uncommon, 45 Cherrim Uncommon, 46 Drifloon Uncommon, 47 Dusclops Uncommon, 48 Elekid Uncommon, 49 Grotle Uncommon, 50 Haunter Uncommon, 51 Hippopotas Uncommon, 52 Luxio Uncommon, 53 Machoke Uncommon, 54 Magneton Uncommon, 55 Mantyke Uncommon, 56 Monferno Uncommon, 57 Nuzleaf Uncommon , 58 Prinplup Uncommon, 59 Rapidash Uncommon, 60 Rhydon Uncommon, 61 Riolu Uncommon, 62 Seaking Uncommon, 63 Silcoon Uncommon, 64 Staravia Uncommon, 65 Unown A Uncommon, 66 Unown B Uncommon, 67 Unown C Uncommon, 68 Unown D Uncommon, 69 Azurill Common, 70 Bidoof Common, 71 Bonsly Common, 72 Buizel Common, 73 Buneary Common, 74 Chatot Common, 75 Cherubi Common, 76 Chimchar Common, 77 Clefairy Common, 78 Cleffa Common, 79 Combee Common, 80 Duskull Common, 81 Electabuzz Common, 82 Gastly Common, 83 Glameow Common, 84 Goldeen Common, 85 Hoothoot Common, 86 Machop Common, 87 Magnemite Common, 88 Marill Common, 89 Meditite Common, 90 Mime Jr. Common, 91 Misdreavus Common, 92 Onix Common, 93 Piplup Common, 94 Ponyta Common, 95 Rhyhorn Common, 96 Roselia Common, 97 Seedot Common, 98 Shinx Common, 99 Skorupi Common, 100 Sneasel Common, 101 Starly Common, 102 Stunky Common, 103 Turtwig Common, 104 Wurmple Common, 105 Double Full Heal Uncommon, 106 Energy Restore Uncommon, 107 Energy Switch Uncommon, 108 Night Pokemon Center Uncommon, 109 PlusPower Uncommon, 110 Poke Ball Uncommon, 111 Pokedex Handy910 Uncommon, 112 Professor Rowan Uncommon, 113 Rival Uncommon, 114 Speed Stadium Uncommon, 115 Super Scoop Up Uncommon, 116 Warp Point Uncommon, 117 Energy Search Common, 118 Potion Common , 119 Switch Common, 120 Empoleon Lv. X Rare Holo, 121 Infernape Lv. X Rare Holo, 122 Torterra Lv. X Rare Holo, 123 Grass Energy, 124 Fire Energy, 125 Water Energy, 126 Lightning Energy, 127 Psychic Energy, 128 Fighting Energy, 129 Darkness Energy, 130 Metal Energy
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Stone ThiefPokemon Diamond & Pearl15125112/09/2014 02:22 PM
Mark james LawrencePokemon Diamond & Pearl10130005/06/2013 10:54 PM
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