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Pokemon Mysterious Treasures    

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 Diamond & Pearl: Mysterious Treasures is the eighteenth Pokémon TCG set released by Pokémon USA, released on August 22, 2007. The set contains 25 fourth-generation Pokémon previously unseen in the TCG, following on from Diamond & Pearl. The set introduces new "Pokémon with Berry" cards: Pokémon cards with integrated Pokémon Tools, which include Berries from the Diamond and Pearl games. The set also re-introduces Special Energy variations of Darkness and Metal Energy, as well as three new Pokémon LV.X: Magmortar, Electivire and Lucario.
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Every single card has a reverse holo-foil version (even the holographic cards.) This is exactly the same card (with the same number) but a holo-foil version. Some cards have the picture in holo-foil, some have everything but the picture in holo-foil., This means that there are non holographic versions of the the cards named as holographic cards that appear at the top of the checklist., So just because a card is holo-foil doesn't necessarily mean it's rare. The holo-foil version is slightly rarer than it's normal version but if it's listed as a common card, it is still common despite it being a holo-foil card., 1 Aggron H, 2 Alakazam H, 3 Ambipom H, 4 Azelf H, 5 Blissey H, 6 Bronzong H, 7 Celebi H, 8 Feraligatr H, 9 Garchomp H, 10 Honchkrow H, 11 Lumineon H, 12 Magmortar H, 13 Meganium H, 14 Mesprit H, 15 Raichu H, 16 Typhlosion H, 17 Tyranitar H, 18 Uxie H, 19 Abomasnow R, 20 Ariados R, 21 Bastiodon R, 22 Chimecho R, 23 Crobat R, 24 Exeggutor R, 25 Glalie R, 26 Gyarados R, 27 Kricketune R, 28 Manectric R, 29 Mantine R, 30 Mr. Mime R, 31 Nidoqueen R, 32 Ninetales R, 33 Rampardos R, 34 Slaking R, 35 Sudowoodo R, 36 Toxicroak R, 37 Unown I R, 38 Ursaring R, 39 Walrein R, 40 Whiscash R, 41 Bayleef U, 42 Chingling U, 43 Cranidos U, 44 Croconaw U, 45 Dewgong U, 46 Dodrio U, 47 Dunsparce U, 48 Gabite U, 49 Girafarig U, 50 Golbat U, 51 Graveler U, 52 Happiny U, 53 Lairon U, 54 Magmar U, 55 Masquerain U, 56 Nidorina U, 57 Octillery U, 58 Parasect U, 59 Pupitar U, 60 Quilava U, 61 Sandslash U, 62 Sealeo U, 63 Shieldon U, 64 Tropius U, 65 Unown E U, 66 Unown M U, 67 Unown T U, 68 Vigoroth U, 69 Abra C, 70 Aipom C, 71 Aron C, 72 Barboach C, 73 Bidoof C, 74 Bronzor C, 75 Buizel C, 76 Chansey C, 77 Chikorita C, 78 Croagunk C, 79 Cyndaquil C, 80 Doduo C, 81 Electrike C, 82 Exeggcute C, 83 Finneon C, 84 Geodude C, 85 Gible C, 86 Kricketot C, 87 Larvitar C, 88 Magby C, 89 Magikarp C, 90 Murkrow C, 91 Nidoran C, 92 Paras C, 93 Pichu C, 94 Pikachu C, 95 Remoraid C, 96 Sandshrew C, 97 Seel C, 98 Shinx C, 99 Slakoth C, 100 Snorunt C, 101 Snover C, 102 Spheal C, 103 Spinarak C, 104 Surskit C, 105 Teddiursa C, 106 Totodile C, 107 Vulpix C, 108 Zubat C, 109 Bebe's Search U, 110 Dusk Bull U, 111 Fossil Excavator U, 112 Lake Boundary U, 113 Night Maintenance U, 114 Quick Ball U, 115 Team Galactic's Wager U, 116 Armor Fossil C, 117 Skull Fossil C, 118 Multi Energy R, 119 Darkness Energy U, 120 Metal Energy U, 121 Electivire X UR, 122 Lucario X UR, 123 Magmortar X UR, 124 Time Space Distortion USR (The rarest card in the set)
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