How do I add another of my album/collections on the same registered ID?
Error when opening message
Locked out user. You are locked out.
How do I STOP getting swap requests?
Swapstick Email addresses are blocked by Microsoft (July 2020)
-pick one before saving- on existing swap document
Comments feedback and reviews of from Daily Telegraph and users.
This site used to be free, why do I have to pay now to swap?
How Do I remove my user id registration and swap page?
Cookies Policy
How much will I save by swapping? Other money saving tips.
How secure is the SwapStick Site?
I cannot tick my swaps and wants - I can only enter numbers
I am sending Requests to swaps but I'm not getting replies. Why?
Error: HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - The formula has exceeded the maximum allowable memory usage
How do I stop or cancel future PayPal payments going through?
Please sign in with a name which has sufficient access rights
How do I Upgrade ?
Auto Swaps feature Help and Settings
How do I edit my swaps?
What is PayPal, and what is a PayPal Address?
I sent some swaps, but I did not get any back.
The website server is requesting the password be sent in an unsecure manner
Why do I need to confirm my email address?
When I log in I get a security warning that the password is being sent in an insecure manner
How do I email people to suggest a swap?
I have found a swapper but their name does not show up on my swaps page...
Can I swap stickers with another album type?
How do I delete a swaps page?
Possible malware from adverts
Logging in Problems usernames and forgot password
Multi Album Swap Check
Terminated People and Addresses to look out for ...
The system is showing that my swaps are free, but I have not finished yet.
How do I review someone?
When I try and contact swapper I get 'there is no email address in your swaps document' , is it mine or their address missing , what do I do?
I cannot buy the album anywhere, can you get me one?
Why do I not get copied on the swap requests?
How do I switch to another login id / person?
How do you actually swap with the person?
I have run out of people to swap with ! Can you add some more?