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Disney Princess Sticker Album

John Don-Wauchope
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 Details: An enchanted world of fantasy, romance and happy endings, the Disney Princesses and their fairy tales inspire little girls to dream. With a touch of glamour, a dash of romance and a sprinkling of pixie dust, the new Princesses Collection is set to spread joy and happiness throughout the kingdom. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine, represent all that is beautiful, good and kind, and like every little girl, they all dream of living happily ever after... Panini's Disney Princesses sticker album includes fairy tales, activities and features which will captivate, inspire and transport little girls into the magical fantasy world of Disney's Princesses. Every little girl wants to be a princess and with this brand new collection, they can be a princess too. In this beautiful spiral bound collection, there are 240 stickers to collect in total, of which 36 are special glitter stickers and 24 are special PVC stickers. This magical collection is on sale from the 23rd September.
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