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Ben 10 Omniverse Sticker Collection

Dominic Lancaster
Joined: 8 Feb 2019
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 Details: Follow all the latest adventures from Ben 10 in this brand new sticker collection from Topps. This 32-page album is bursting with fantastic images and facts from the new Ben 10 Omniverse series. Kids can learn about Ben's new sidekick Rock as well as discover everything there is to know about all his latest aliens and enemies. With 180 stickers to collect including 32 glitter stickers this collection is sure to be a huge hit! Released March 2013
  Book: 1


Stickers Needed: List numbers eg 1,67,89,L45,34
Number needed: 0
Number acquired: 180



Stickers to Swap: List eg 1,67,89,L45,34
Extra Swaps: Duplicates. List eg 1,67,89,L45,34
Number of swaps: 0 + 0 = 0

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