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Doctor Who Alien Armies

craig rusk
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 Details: Doctor Who BBC One's is multi-award winning, number one drama series and the longest running TV sci-fi show of all time. Loved by people of all ages and starring the UK's most popular actor, David Tennant, the series follows the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, and can be set in any time or any place. There's only one certainty – that wherever the Doctor goes, a thrilling adventure will ensue! The brand new Doctor Who Trading Card Game from Panini, Alien Armies, will be available in newsagents and supermarkets from October. A bumper sized starter pack will be available for just £4.99, with additional packets of six cards available for 50p each. There are 260 cards to collect in all, with limited edition cards appearing in selected stores!
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