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007 Spy Cards
details: ^ss^1^se^275^so^^ac^GE FABBRI^att^007.jpg^sbfrm^Default^sia^275^st^Cards^c1c^^c2c^^c3c^^c1ch^^c2ch^^c3ch^^f1^^f2^^f3^^f4^^typech^^clist^^swprs^186^ac^GE FABBRI^desc^From the Acclaimed publishers of the Highly Successful Dr Who Trading Cards Game comes the James Bond 007 Spy Cards. Join James Bond, the world's coolest spy, on an explosive new mission to launch the most amazing 007 trading card collection, ever! Continuing the phenomenal success of Dr Who: Battles In Time series, GE Fabbri's exciting new 007 Spy Card Commander set features 275 brand new, spectacular trading cards from all 21 Bond movies. Prepare to do battle with evil villains, awesome allies, kick-ass Bond girls, hideous henchmen and MI6's finest secret agent - James Bond. The Commander set features special holographic and moving-image super rares and ultra rares and power-boosting Q Branch gadget and vehicle bonus cards that will add exciting new levels to your gameplay. Plus, look out for the secret message UV cards with encoded hidden card scores. 275 unique designs based on all 21 Bond movies ^yr^2008^cat^Movies^yrs^^
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Type: Empty AlbumCondition: Mint
Seller's Id: Adam Foster
Sale time:28 days
Sale Ends:03/10/2016 10:44 PM
Location: United Kingdom
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