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Panini FIFA World Cup 2010
details: ^ss^1^se^638^so^00-000^ac^Panini^att^world_cup_2010.jpg^sbfrm^Default^sia^640^st^Stickers^c1c^^c2c^^c3c^^c1ch^^c2ch^^c3ch^^f1^^f2^^f3^^f4^^typech^^clist^!open&Panini+FIFA+World+Cup+2010^swprs^5579^ac^Panini^desc^South Africa 2010 World Cup Stickers. A poster was produced with an additional 22 tracker stickers and was distributed exclusively by Morrisons supermarkets. Panini also issued a set of 80 update stickers of replacement players who went to the World Cup.^yr^2010^cat^Football^yrs^2010^
hidden: 2010 Football StickersFor Sale
Type: Empty AlbumCondition: Mint
Seller's Id: Adam Foster
Sale time:7 days
Sale Ends:02/18/2016 10:46 PM
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Location: United Kingdom

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