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SPL 2007 Stickers

David Lovatt
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 Details: Another exciting season of Scottish football has kicked off and Panini is thrilled to bring you the fascinating SPL 2007 sticker collection as the perfect companion. The full collection consists of an 84 page album and there are 442 stickers to collect. The whopping album contains facts and stats on all featured players, managers and football stadiums in the Scottish Premier League. It takes a look at the league's top goal scoring partnerships, and lists all of the fixtures for you to keep tabs on your team's performance. PLUS, you have the opportunity to win some fantastic footy prizes in the competitions section! We've also teamed up with the Scottish Sun and the Scottish News Of The World to offer you 24 exclusive player stickers, 12 exclusive stickers for the league table on the back cover of the album, and a massive glitter sticker to customise the front of your album! And, as if that wasn't enough, with our friends at the Scottish News Of The World, we've also created a fantastic 'Football Crazy' poster in the centre of the album; collect the special sticker sheets to finish this 'madcap' football frenzy. So, as you follow the race for the most coveted prize in Scottish football (the Bank of Scotland Premier League Trophy), Panini will be with you every step of the way! All you have to do now is GET STICKING!!
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