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Pokemon Gym Heroes

Andy Clark14
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 Details: Gym Heroes is the sixth set of cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It comes after Team Rocket and before Gym Challenge. Its symbol is an amphitheatre with a black stage and white tiers. Its name comes from the GymLeaders it focuses around and how these Gym Leaders have relatively optimistic and carefree personalities compared to those featured in Gym Challenge. This is the first set to have Owner's Pokémon, the owners being the Gym Leaders of the various Pokémon Gyms around Kanto. While all eight Gym Leaders are represented, the most attention is paid to the first four met in the video games: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Erika. Each of their Pokémon reflect their favorite Pokémon types, as well as Pokémon they have been seen carrying in the TV show. For example, Brock specializes in the Rock-type, so a lot of his cards in the card game would be Rock Pokémon. However, in the anime, he also carried a Vulpix, a Fire-type, which is also included in this set. Owner's Pokémon must be evolved from a Pokémon of the same owner, which also proved to be unpopular, as the element of mixing and matching cards from different sets is lost. Additionally, some of the "Rare" cards had little or no value in play, such as Misty's Tentacool, which is incapable of doing damage and is overshadowed by a better version of "Uncommon" rarity. However, Owner's Pokémon have been sporadically released in Japan, though except for those within EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua, none have been translated into English.
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