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GoGos Power Series 4    

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Magic Box Int
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 Crazy Bones GoGos Power Series 4
1 - 80 Normal Cards W5, W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, W60, W70, W75, W80 Most Wanted Cards
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mber Most Wanted Name Power Description, ., 1 POWI Star Well connected and very popular. This Gogo is always sending messages to friends., ., 2 HIK Bolt Even with more than twenty special fighting moves. He still uses his head first., ., 3 ERYU Swirl This Gogo is trying to use war paint to help win some games. Could it work?, ., 4 CORA Bolt Cora can hear the music of the sea and can sing with the most perfect voice., ., 5 * WELU-W Star Added power for reaching the farthest galaxies., ., 5 WELU Bolt Welu can jump from one planet to another……provided he dosn’t lose his mask., ., 6 GEON Swirl A mean face and a special helmet….Always ready for the worst!, ., 7 MINDOK Swirl The most honourable Gogo of them all, Mindok could never cheat., ., 8 SINI Swirl Her mysterious face hides a power that nobody has ever discovered., ., 9 XIU-SUN Swirl A Gogo with solar power? That is Xiu-Sun., ., 10 * HORO-W Bolt A super brain and a super fast body., ., 10 HORO Star One,two,three ….Horo is gone! A quick thinking Gogo., ., 11 OKIMO Bolt Tries to be early but always arrives late., ., 12 ASADARIN Swirl Everyone knows that Asadarin controls a great magical mystery., ., 13 DOSH Star Scary to look at but underneath is a heart of gold., ., 14 TERIN Bolt Sometimes Terin thinks all his friends have run away…. but they are right in front of him!, ., 15 SHOD Star 5 Super fast teeth make quick work of every meal! Never shares food with anyone., ., 16 DUMIEL Swirl A friend to nature and always to be found exploring the forest., ., 17 REYU Swirl A master at hiding low down and popping up to surprise the others., ., 18 SILIEN Swirl A unique robot with Vacum power. No corner is left untouched., ., 19 BILA Bolt Uses special antennae to detect hidden sweets., ., 20 * GAT-W Bolt Creates a ray of light to guide all the other Gogos., ., 20 GAT Star Gat absorbs all the heat and energy from the air and recycles it for his friends., ., 21 MOOR Star With half a face hidden, this Gogo isn’t easy to read. No one likes to guess what Moor is thinking., ., 22 KILO Swirl An unusual power surrounds Kilo, Something that makes everyone want to look his way., ., 23 WAWO Bolt A Gogo sage who can guide the others in important matters., ., 24 HAMO Swirl A reputation for being messy and dirty, but is actually obsessed with being clean., ., 25 IRGO Star A demolition expert. Nothing is an obstacle., ., 26 SHAWA Star Shawa can see your ancestors whilst dreaming. An interesting Gogo to know., ., 27 BABU Swirl Shy Babu will never push forward to the front., ., 28 JAHI Swirl Loves nothing more than to win by K.O. That’s what the bumper helmet is designed for., ., 29 DAK Bolt Dak listens to music all day long. He loves to dance!, ., 30 * TEGO-W Star Can this metal sensor unlock secret powers?, ., 30 TEGO Swirl Made from a unique Gogo alloy. Tego’s body can bend in an unusual way., ., 31 DIN Bolt Not easy to find but if you do, Din may grant you a wish…, ., 32 FICHUP Star A Salsa dancing expert who just loves to shake his bones., ., 33 MOODEL Swirl Cuddly and adorable, everyone wants to hold Moodel in their arms., ., 34 GARIN Star A light that enters through his eyes, fills him with energy., ., 35 FIVOK Star The only robot we know with a great sense of humour., ., 36 KAKO Bolt At night, Kako can move around without being seen., ., 37 FLEK Bolt Flek has a smile that invites everyone to play., ., 38 RITA Star After escaping from a top secret lab, Rita hides day and night, just in case…, ., 39 ZAPPI Swirl Anti-shock armour and diving skills give this Gogo a lot of advantages., ., 40 * FRUG-W Bolt What was first, the chicken or the scrambled egg?, ., 40 FRUG Star Somehow Frug is the first and last in everything. Not even he knows how he does it!, ., 41 SHIMO Bolt Able to handle the coldest climate with ultra warm clothing power., ., 42 YUTO Swirl A good friend of Hyk, he’s taller and stronger, though less agile., ., 43 FIL DAN Star A terrifying laugh makes the other Gogos nervous. Should they be?, ., 44 GULFRED Star Probably the hairiest Gogo of them all. Nobody feels like combing him., ., 45 ERHON Swirl Put Erhon together with Irgo and they could split just about anything., ., 46 BELION Star The sun and the stars grant him a lion’s strength., ., 47 EUL Star Behind these looks is a weight lifting champion., ., 48 UYU Bolt A giant eye that can see all angles. The body doesn’t move but the eye rotates!, ., 49 TAKU Star A skilful night-time flyer who watches over the other Gogos., ., 50 * HIID-W Star Communicates important information through the air., ., 50 HIID Bolt Moves quickly in and out of busy traffic and keeps things moving., ., 51 LIM Swirl Lim has the ability to turn an enemy into a friend within moments., ., 52 LULO Bolt The roundest Gogo of them all. Moves with speed and skill using protected eyes., ., 53 GOOMI Bolt He can change the colour of his body, but don’t ask him to change hid T-shirt., ., 54 WOKI Swirl Considering he is the king of spirals, he looks fairly harmless., ., 55 BRANCO Bolt He is solid as a rock. Many have tried to move him and many have failed., ., 56 FUSA Bolt A musical genius who can control the power of echoes., ., 57 FOROLIN Swirl Go here, go there, Forolin flies anywhere., ., 58 BINLOO Star A mechanical visual system allows him to calculate the size of everything he sees., ., 59 CONRAB Bolt Brings good luck to all Gogos, just as long as things go his way…, ., 60 * GI-KAO-W Swirl Gi-Kao power helps to make every K.O shot a winner., ., 60 GI-KAO Star Gives out a crazy shriek before every strike – Gi-Kao!, ., 61 KUSTOR Swirl Kustor plays all day and rides his motorbike all night., ., 62 URKI Bolt Happy to be a loyal pet but you should never tie him up and leave him alone., ., 63 POTO Swirl A circus professional who is always making the other Gogos laugh., ., 64 VARIN RAY Star The chief of security whenever the power Gogos get together., ., 65 VLIO Star Vilo and Cora are great friends and share a love for the sea., ., 66 FRISPIRICANDY Star The sweetest of the Gogos and one that sends Bila’s antennae crazy!, ., 67 GUIN Star A super cool Gogo that can swim in the coldest water of all., ., 68 ILO Bolt Is this a Gogo tortoise looking for a missing shell?, ., 69 VITE Swirl The slightest movement in the distance activates his detection device., ., 70 * DODA-W Swirl Uses positive TV powers to turn into a TV superhero!, ., 70 DODA Star That head is square from watching too much TV., ., 71 IN-PO Bolt The guide to all questions that you may have about power Gogos., ., 72 RUYT Swirl Ruyt can get things a little confused sometimes but gets there in the end., ., 73 TACHAN Swirl An apprentice magician who very often forgets to bring a wand., ., 74 ALMO Bolt Fashion is everything to this Gogo. Nobody has more wardrobes., ., 75 * DIRO-W Bolt Adapts to the surrounding with colour changing power., ., 75 DIRO Swirl Stays bright and happy, even without sleep for three days., ., 76 ERENDEL Bolt Can often be found hiding in the hollow of a tree ready to surprise Dumiel., ., 77 SPIR Bolt With ticklish feet Spir would love to find some shoes that fit., ., 78 FENTON Bolt Not all Gogos believe it but Fenton can fly to the moon., ., 79 MINTY Star Changes costumes each week. Other Gogos guess what will be next., ., 80 * REIN-W Swirl Uses green power to pump water to others., ., 80 REIN Star Rein has an ability to detect secret underground water sources.
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Glyn RobertsGoGos Power Series 418737005/13/2013 08:10 PM
Rhiannon JonesGoGos Power Series 418374505/08/2010 01:03 PM
Darren AllenGoGos Power Series 418914501/11/2010 11:46 PM
Ella SlaterGoGos Power Series 4180104305/25/2013 02:22 AM
matthew calvertGoGos Power Series 4172183106/01/2010 01:49 PM
matthew beswickGoGos Power Series 4si8552905/26/2016 10:56 PM
Imogen WalshGoGos Power Series 4167232706/02/2016 07:37 PM
Richard ShawGoGos Power Series 418732605/24/2016 09:03 AM
joel smithGoGos Power Series 4169212611/24/2009 07:40 PM
joe swansonGoGos Power Series 4167232112/28/2009 01:44 PM
Madison HancocksGoGos Power Series 4162281407/22/2012 01:04 PM
Samuel DavyGoGos Power Series 4145451410/29/2009 06:28 PM
NIGEL MARTINGoGos Power Series 4180101305/24/2016 08:51 AM
Xen CarlssonGoGos Power Series 418641305/18/2013 03:04 AM
Andrew Jones-RoweGoGos Power Series 4146441305/18/2013 03:04 AM
Daniel BrooksGoGos Power Series 4148421105/18/2013 03:04 AM
john bracegirdleGoGos Power Series 413258806/30/2012 04:51 PM
Daniel KnightGoGos Power Series 413159205/18/2013 03:04 AM
Ian CookGoGos Power Series 41900009/17/2010 03:39 PM
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