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Disney Junior Sticker Collection    

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 Panini are excited to announce the launch of their Disney Junior Sticker Collection. Featuring characters from the Disney Junior universe, the album will lead toddlers and pre-schoolers through a journey of discovery among numbers, colours, shapes, words, animals and many other wonders both big and small. Learning becomes a game with this exciting new sticker album from Panini through many different games and activities specifically designed for our youngest collectors, so they have fun while they learn.
Children will explore Mickey Mouse’s house and then set sail to Never Land with Jake and his pirates. Doc McStuffins will cure their favourite toys with her gentleness, Handy Manny will teach them how to fix stuff and Sofia the First the art of kindness and self-respect. Last but not least, Henry will talk to them about family ties and love.
The collection is jam-packed with 200 stickers, which includes 38 special stickers to look out for. Collectors can get their collection off to a flying start with a starter pack, which includes an album and 31 stickers!
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miss greyDisney Junior Sticker Collection1243011907/31/2015 11:30 PM
Scott HillDisney Junior Sticker Collection12261711707/23/2014 12:59 PM
Pamela DelacroixDisney Junior Sticker CollectionJa1915211205/24/2014 02:51 PM
David MackinsDisney Junior Sticker Collection1243010112/04/2014 09:30 PM
Colette ChalmersDisney Junior Sticker Collection1198459605/15/2014 02:50 AM
Sarah PaceDisney Junior Sticker Collection123589209/30/2014 10:56 PM
Holly WDisney Junior Sticker Collection1187568711/01/2014 06:01 PM
Clare LangfordDisney Junior Sticker Collection1213307203/19/2015 12:29 PM
Paul McKernonDisney Junior Sticker Collection1174697107/14/2014 08:16 PM
Stewart SmithDisney Junior Sticker Collection1161826708/18/2014 08:49 PM
garry tannerDisney Junior Sticker Collection1641796412/12/2014 08:48 PM
David SouthworthDisney Junior Sticker Collection1217265907/04/2014 09:57 PM
Keith FenechDisney Junior Sticker Collection124215811/03/2019 04:26 PM
Jay CarrollDisney Junior Sticker Collection1153904808/01/2015 03:43 PM
Caroline Gregory2Disney Junior Sticker Collection1170734709/14/2014 09:49 AM
Dani SandsDisney Junior Sticker Collection1203404208/03/2014 09:24 PM
Dan SawkinsDisney Junior Sticker Collection1231124110/11/2014 05:13 PM
Stuart ShepherdDisney Junior Sticker Collection1150933907/23/2014 08:11 AM
Candice BuckmasterDisney Junior Sticker Collection124303803/30/2015 09:36 PM
Mark LincolnDisney Junior Sticker Collection11321113707/09/2014 01:15 PM
Keith JonesDisney Junior Sticker Collection1198453609/15/2014 08:44 PM
jordan scottDisney Junior Sticker Collection11251183506/23/2014 03:10 PM
Holly PalmerDisney Junior Sticker Collection1171723105/12/2014 03:55 PM
Jay CarrollDisney Junior Sticker Collection1145983103/04/2015 02:09 PM
Christina FitzgeraldDisney Junior Sticker Collection11131303005/21/2014 12:14 AM
Ryan HewittDisney Junior Sticker Collection124302909/23/2017 05:38 PM
Paula BartonDisney Junior Sticker Collection11311122806/12/2014 08:51 PM
Colin BraggDisney Junior Sticker Collection11371062705/25/2014 02:49 PM
Rachel MiddletonDisney Junior Sticker Collection11051382606/03/2014 02:12 PM
Lisa McGeadyDisney Junior Sticker Collection1192512608/05/2014 01:52 PM
Suzanne FaulknerDisney Junior Sticker Collection1152912109/30/2014 10:39 AM
Sarah RyallDisney Junior Sticker Collection11081351507/09/2014 10:34 PM
rebeka leylandDisney Junior Sticker Collection1821611507/06/2014 11:04 AM
Dan PriceDisney Junior Sticker Collection118558501/17/2018 11:20 PM
Charlotte PenneyDisney Junior Sticker Collection117964405/29/2015 11:03 PM
laurance morrinDisney Junior Sticker Collection12430307/03/2018 10:40 PM
Sadie CavaganDisney Junior Sticker Collection141202206/05/2014 09:57 PM
Little G BurgeDisney Junior Sticker Collection141202107/18/2014 09:38 PM
Matthew PennycottDisney Junior Sticker Collection115786106/30/2014 08:16 PM
Olga FernandezDisney Junior Sticker Collection12412008/25/2014 03:27 PM
Jake GibbingsDisney Junior Sticker Collection12430006/01/2014 01:00 PM
Adam FosterDisney Junior Sticker Collection12430005/11/2014 11:12 PM
Charlene GillinghamDisney Junior Sticker Collection10243007/16/2018 12:20 AM
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