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Hello Kitty Superstar    

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 Hello Kitty Superstar Sticker Collection
She’s sweet. She’s adorable. She says it all without ever saying a word. She’s Hello Kitty, a Superstar!
Hello Kitty has been turning ‘Girl World’ upside down for over 3 decades and Sanrio’s fantastically global and internationally best selling character continues to make its mark on the world scene. Hello Kitty is one of the most popular girl’s brands of all time and she is hotter than ever.
Panini and Sanrio have come together for the most exciting Hello Kitty collaboration yet...Panini’s Hello Kitty Superstar Sticker Album Collection. This addictively sweet sticker album collection will have you in the middle of the most exciting Hello Kitty frenzy in years. Start collecting now and have the entire Hello Kitty world at your fingertips!
The Hello Kitty Superstar sticker collection consists of 150 stickers including 20 glitter, 20 Felt, 20 PVC and 20 perfumed stickers and a 32 page album.
The Hello Kitty Superstar sticker collection is on sale now so start collecting!
Album: £1.25
Sticker Packets (containing 5 stickers): 40p
© 1976, 2009 SANRIO CO., LTD.
1-150, A1-A20 - silver shiny , N1-N20 - fabric , P1-P10 - perfumed , X1-X20 - clear shiny
70 as of 05/27/2020 02:01:03 AM
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A1-A20, -, silver, shiny, N1-N20, -, fabric, P1-P10, -, perfumed, X1-X20, -, clear, shiny
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paul murphyHello Kitty Superstar1160420206/29/2010 10:35 AM
steve jonesHello Kitty Superstar1158613910/08/2010 10:48 PM
Amber TreharneHello Kitty Superstar11471713304/16/2010 10:04 PM
ALISON PANESHello Kitty Superstar1156813106/10/2010 10:43 AM
Colette ChalmersHello Kitty Superstar11273712204/08/2011 10:38 AM
-Hidden- 3BADEHello Kitty Superstar1158612110/15/2010 05:24 PM
Steffen SchillerHello Kitty Superstar1200011907/16/2012 11:17 AM
Allison MitchellHello Kitty Superstar11214310308/23/2010 08:44 AM
Allison MitchellHello Kitty Superstar11402410008/23/2010 08:44 AM
Clio HammondHello Kitty Superstar119829108/21/2012 03:20 PM
Samantha HallHello Kitty Superstar1133319008/23/2010 08:29 AM
Andy WarmingtonHello Kitty Superstarol136289005/23/2010 07:02 PM
Alexandra KeitchHello Kitty Superstar1132328903/16/2011 08:47 PM
Rebecca WedgeHello Kitty Superstar1109558609/27/2010 10:02 AM
-Hidden- 3B892Hello Kitty Superstar116408409/17/2010 12:14 PM
Hilary WalkerHello Kitty Superstar1119458105/08/2010 08:45 AM
Mei SooHello Kitty Superstar1167337307/03/2013 03:42 AM
Amanda NessbachHello Kitty Superstar120006907/25/2012 06:56 AM
-Hidden- 3BAD2Hello Kitty Superstar116226810/15/2010 05:07 PM
H KHello Kitty Superstar197676612/30/2011 03:48 PM
andrew wrightHello Kitty Superstar1129355811/28/2010 03:04 PM
john hillbackHello Kitty Superstar1121435705/14/2010 12:36 AM
Jane PritchettHello Kitty Superstar1120445512/30/2011 03:50 PM
nicole osborneHello Kitty Superstar179855405/16/2010 10:12 AM
-Hidden- 39CCEHello Kitty Superstar116405106/09/2011 11:19 AM
Ruth M RichardsHello Kitty Superstar1144205104/29/2010 10:41 PM
david nicholHello Kitty Superstar2130345109/16/2010 05:57 PM
elle-may hoadHello Kitty Superstar1142225104/02/2010 11:32 PM
Rebecca HarveyHello Kitty Superstar116315105/26/2016 11:03 PM
-Hidden- 3C7DAHello Kitty Superstar1108564709/16/2010 12:34 PM
Tasha WaringHello Kitty Superstar1128364307/22/2010 11:23 PM
-Hidden- 2B9A2Hello Kitty Superstar116314209/30/2010 04:00 PM
Sara SouthernHello Kitty Superstar1138264205/28/2010 07:12 PM
Susan WestronHello Kitty Superstar1182184105/06/2012 02:02 PM
laura webbHello Kitty Superstar1111533910/06/2010 07:43 PM
scott wilkinsHello Kitty Superstar1138263807/21/2010 06:03 PM
Corri GlennersterHello Kitty Superstar1121433603/23/2011 10:01 PM
Bridie MoyHello Kitty Superstar1123413507/12/2010 06:49 PM
Michelle LeongHello Kitty Superstar1177233406/16/2012 07:17 PM
kerry PearceHello Kitty Superstar1139253307/15/2010 11:58 AM
Sarah McKennaHello Kitty Superstar168963204/10/2010 08:46 PM
Katie GilbertHello Kitty Superstar1146182907/13/2010 04:22 PM
Jasmine TeaHello Kitty Superstar1551092811/09/2011 09:45 AM
Len SilvaHello Kitty Superstar1154462508/21/2012 11:45 AM
Nadine WattsHello Kitty Superstar116222305/26/2016 11:07 PM
Martin staceyHello Kitty Superstar1491152305/26/2016 11:16 PM
lol wardHello Kitty Superstar1139252109/21/2011 06:19 PM
-Hidden- 41052Hello Kitty Superstar196682112/03/2010 03:06 PM
katie gillHello Kitty Superstar179852006/04/2011 12:16 PM
Nav BhamraHello Kitty Superstar1149511904/05/2016 12:51 AM
Sonya DarbyHello Kitty Superstar1149151307/03/2010 12:24 PM
-Hidden- 4D93AHello Kitty Superstar1146181101/22/2012 09:05 PM
-Hidden- 4F95AHello Kitty Superstar114321904/10/2012 05:16 PM
jos wuytsHello Kitty Superstar11586505/24/2016 09:04 AM
Bronagh McAuleyHello Kitty Superstar138126405/18/2010 07:18 PM
-Hidden- 4B52AHello Kitty Superstar11640401/13/2012 03:25 AM
Phebe-Jane ValdezHello Kitty Superstar11955206/20/2012 05:44 AM
Yasmin BevanHello Kitty Superstar11640010/04/2010 11:07 AM
Patrycja NiedzwieckaHello Kitty Superstar125139005/26/2016 11:23 PM
Claire LongmoorHello Kitty Superstar11640005/22/2010 04:26 PM
-Hidden- 000Hello Kitty Superstar110658012/30/2011 09:39 PM
Sara FernandezHello Kitty Superstar111648009/09/2010 02:29 PM
Simon CudmoreHello Kitty SuperstarHK2000004/06/2014 10:11 AM
hazel hackwellHello Kitty Superstar11640007/10/2011 09:40 PM
Andrew BlountHello Kitty Superstar11640012/08/2010 10:18 PM
Ian CookHello Kitty Superstar11640005/26/2016 10:57 PM
Millie AdamsHello Kitty Superstar11640006/01/2010 11:00 AM
Thomas LucasHello Kitty SuperstarMa1640008/25/2010 11:47 AM
Becky BiddickHello Kitty Superstar11946008/22/2012 01:47 PM
Becky BiddickHello Kitty Superstar116337008/22/2012 01:57 PM
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