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My Princesses    

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 An enchanted world of fantasy, romance and happy endings, the Disney Princesses and their fairy tales inspire little girls to dream.
With a touch of glamour, a dash of romance and a sprinkling of pixie dust, the new Princesses Collection is set to spread joy and happiness throughout the kingdom. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine, represent all that is beautiful, good and kind, and like every little girl, they all dream of living happily ever after...
Panini's Disney Princesses sticker album includes fairy tales, activities and features which will captivate, inspire and transport little girls into the magical fantasy world of Disney's Princesses. Every little girl wants to be a princess and with this brand new collection, they can be a princess too.
The Disney Princesses sticker collection consists of 48 pages + poster and there are over 200 stickers to collect including 24 glitter stickers and 12 foil stickers.
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Jonathan RangelMy Princesses1221916502/20/2015 12:39 AM
Steffen SchillerMy Princesses1230016207/16/2012 11:57 AM
Jon RonMy Princesses12141615108/09/2012 06:44 AM
Shaily GuptaMy Princesses12022812102/08/2013 04:31 AM
-Hidden- 3CF86My Princesses21973311711/04/2010 06:04 PM
Michelle DenningMy Princesses12022810008/08/2011 01:03 AM
-Hidden- 400E6My Princesses1209219503/24/2011 06:36 PM
Heather NeedhamMy Princesses1220109303/24/2012 11:37 AM
Jennifer ScavoMy Princesses122648906/16/2012 02:35 PM
Tracy WhaleyMy Princesses123008205/26/2016 10:45 PM
John KramerMy Princesses123007904/09/2015 11:48 PM
keith attwoodMy Princesses123006505/15/2017 11:54 PM
Robert GomesMy Princesses1218126305/23/2011 09:45 PM
-Hidden- 3D74AMy Princesses122826204/06/2011 10:10 PM
Cindy HarrisMy Princesses122375503/18/2011 02:57 PM
Sarah LutjensMy Princesses1144865302/08/2011 02:54 PM
Harmony ChanMy Princesses1218125302/14/2011 08:33 PM
-Hidden- 42F42My Princesses122915108/17/2011 06:36 PM
sarah burkeMy Princesses122915006/13/2012 03:59 AM
Grace BurkeMy Princesses1220104906/24/2013 05:23 PM
Tracy WhaleyMy Princesses222644703/11/2011 01:12 AM
Julie CatonMy Princesses1214164601/15/2012 01:50 AM
Kari RobertsMy Princesses1213174508/12/2011 12:52 AM
Lily RobinsonMy Princesses1216144407/28/2012 04:06 PM
Katherine BurkeMy Princesses122914405/29/2012 01:13 AM
Zoey FizzMy Princesses1204264310/16/2010 12:11 PM
Lynn ShafferMy Princesses122554205/22/2012 11:12 PM
Gabriel PetroniMy Princesses122284001/19/2010 01:34 AM
April BrodzellerMy Princesses123003705/07/2012 04:46 PM
DAWN BRYDENMy Princesses1166643508/05/2012 08:32 PM
Terri-Lynn KennedyMy Princesses122282909/11/2010 03:07 AM
Claire YoungMy Princesses123002905/30/2012 11:12 AM
Melissa SnyderMy Princesses11241062805/24/2016 08:51 AM
-Hidden- 000My Princesses1163672806/25/2011 01:30 AM
Cherilyn HofbauerMy Princesses1215152710/24/2010 01:47 AM
Danielle GolioMy Princesses1217132610/08/2011 06:31 PM
Jennifer BashkoffMy Princesses1219112405/24/2016 08:51 AM
Ryan HockleyMy Princesses123002401/08/2015 03:13 AM
Tracy WhaleyMy Princesses3220102104/05/2011 03:19 AM
Brad ParsonsMy Princesses1206242002/08/2012 02:25 AM
paula freemanMy Princesses123001811/04/2012 11:37 PM
Courtney StoreyMy Princesses1188421307/20/2011 05:35 PM
Monica PalitangMy Princesses2-322621203/25/2010 06:02 AM
ellie heyesMy Princesses1192381108/23/2008 06:22 PM
Donna WatersMy Princesses1193371010/23/2010 09:54 PM
christina dewdneyMy Princesses12300907/19/2012 09:44 PM
Kara LeikMy Princesses195135809/02/2012 07:36 AM
Tracy WhaleyMy Princesses42246404/05/2011 03:20 AM
Keith FenechMy Princesses12300412/20/2017 05:22 PM
Ross WeaverMy Princesses194136201/22/2015 04:14 AM
jan pacceMy Princesses120327102/18/2010 05:01 PM
Susan FloydMy Princesses12291005/29/2010 10:47 PM
Tiffany JeffersonMy Princesses10230011/18/2013 03:39 AM
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