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Official 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards    

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Tap n Play
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 Article: https://toyworldmag.co.uk/news/tapnplay-releases-official-2018-england-cricket-trading-cards/
The England and Wales Cricket Board (EWCB) has licensed Tap’N’Play Cricket to release the Official 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards. This mainstream collectibles cricket card series features 227 cards to collect, showcasing players in the England Test, Lions, ODI, T20 as well as Women’s squads, representing the first time women’s sport has featured prominently in any UK sports card collection.
The limited edition nature of the collection adds to the appeal, as does the high-quality production values, with the Stuart Broad Patch Cards – featuring a patch of Broad’s Test jersey worn during the 2017 South Africa home series – likely to be particularly sought after.
A limited edition release over two months only, the cards will be available from 4,200 Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Spar outlets, plus general convenience stores in the UK. Every store will receive only two boxes of the cards, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Tap’N’Play has also secured an ECB and International Cricket Council licensing contract to go alongside its longstanding relationship with Cricket Australia.
Tap’N’Play managing director Neil Armstrong commented: “The back to back events of the ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2019 Ashes are an exciting time for the UK, and we look forward to providing something special for both of these major events. Tap’N’Play includes women athletes in every single release. Our Australian Football series showcases the national women’s team and our New Zealand Rugby series features both the Black Fern Sevens and Fifteen teams. This year our Big Bash League (BBL) Cricket sets will feature 40% women. We are leading the way for other companies to provide gender balance in trading card collecting.”
The Official 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards will be available in shops from 18th July, priced at £1.50 per pack.
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Matt BradburyOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards11488010011/10/2018 12:33 PM
IAIN NICHOLOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards11261028811/03/2018 03:02 PM
M D WoodOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards1196328002/07/2019 11:34 AM
Mauro PratesiOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards1216126902/28/2019 11:42 AM
JEFF COOPEROfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards122445511/03/2018 09:36 AM
Ewan BowronOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards1214143210/10/2018 06:00 PM
David SwithenbankOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards1130983002/06/2019 07:29 PM
Duncan CavanaghOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards1184442602/09/2019 02:55 PM
Robert GrahamOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards122082408/09/2020 08:30 PM
Barney hillOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards121117308/25/2018 07:06 PM
Adam FosterOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards10227007/11/2018 08:46 AM
Barney hillOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards100008/25/2018 06:06 PM
Greg LansdowneOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards12271004/18/2019 12:50 PM
Robert GrahamOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards100002/15/2021 11:12 AM
Robert GrahamOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards100002/15/2021 11:12 AM
Robert GrahamOfficial 2018 England Cricket Trading Cards100004/29/2021 09:27 PM
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