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Yo Yo Bear Cards

Richard Siddle
Joined: 16/02/2011
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 Details: Sail the seas with perilous pirates, try not to lose your leg to chomping crocs, and growl hello in 80 different languages. BEAR’s off on a grrreat big adventure around the world. There are 80 adventure cards to collect inside our yoyos and BEAR has hidden 20 new treasure cards in amongst them. Will you be lucky enough to find the Black Prince Ruby, trip down the Lost Dutchman’s Mine, or unveil one of the lost Faberge eggs? Click here to find out more. NB TREASURE CARDS HAVE BEEN NUMBERED IN THE CHECKLIST T1 to T20
  Book: 1


Card  1 to 80 Show / Hide
72 Belize, 24 Zimabwe, 10 Ukraine
Treasure Cards  T1 to T9 Show / Hide

Number Needed: 3 wanted

Card  1 to 80 Show / Hide
1 England, 31 Rwanda, 52 Malaysia, 62 Antarctica, 33 Egypt, 56 Tasmania, 37 Russian Federation, 47 Myanmar, 8 Denmark, 29 Tanzania, 49 Sri Lanka, 69 Columbia, 70 Panama
Treasure Cards  T1 to T9 Show / Hide
T1 Treasure Island, T12 Lost Dutchman's Mine, T20 A-Maze-Ing Inca Gold, T8, T10, T2 Flor de la Mar, T4 Lost City of Gold

Number of swaps: 20 + 0 = 20

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