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Last Saved: 04/20/2014 04:08:39 PM

Morrisons Disney Magical Moments Cards

Eddie Potts
Joined: 04/29/2013
Status: Swaps Swap!
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 Details: Cards are A1-A9 up to K1-K9 etc Silver edged cards are SA5 SB5 SC5 SD5 SE5 SF5 SG5 SH5 SI5 SK5 etc
  Book: 1


Empty Album  1EA to 1EA Show / Hide
Album  A1 to K9 Show / Hide
Special Cards  SA5 to SK5 Show / Hide
SC5, SK5, SJ5

Number Needed: 4 wanted

Empty Album  1EA to 1EA Show / Hide
Album  A1 to K9 Show / Hide
A1, B5, C9, E4, F8, H3, I7, K2, A2, B6, D1, E5, F9, H4, I8, K3, A3, B7, D2, E6, G1, H5, I9, K4, B8, D3, E7, G2, H6, J1, K5, A5, B9, E8, G3, H7, J2, K6, C1, E9, G4, H8, J3, K7, A7, C2, D6, F1, G5, H9, J4, K8, A8, C3, D7, F2, G6, I1, J5, K9, A9, C4, D8, F3, G7, I2, J6, B1, C5, D9, F4, G8, I3, J7, B2, C6, E1, G9, I4, J8, B3, C7, E2, F6, H1, J9, B4, C8, E3, F7, H2, I6, K1
Special Cards  SA5 to SK5 Show / Hide
SA5, SI5, SD5, SF5

Number of swaps: 97 + 0 = 97

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