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The World Of Cars

Keith Fenech
Joined: 19 Oct 2016
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 Details: The World of Cars   World of Cars is based on the smash hit Disney Pixar movie Cars. Join hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen, Snazzy Posche Sally, wise cracking Matter, jaded ex racer Doc Hudson and the rest of the gang as we meet 100 new minor characters and extra's in the new World of Cars sticker collection from Panini. From RV's and security SUV's to race cars and helicopters, kids will love collecting all the inhabitants of Radiator Springs. The World of Cars sticker collection is on sale now so start collecting! The full collection consists of 190 stickers including 36 special foil and 10 PVC stickers and a 32 page sticker album with a pull out poster. Album: £1.49 (including 20 stickers) Packets (containing 5 Stickers each): 40p
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