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Promatch Cards 1998 Series 3

Robin Pleaden
Joined: 12 May 2012
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80 Grimandi, 165 Keane, 186 Le.Boeuf, 199 Fenton
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WC03 Lee, WC05 Adams, WC07 Beckham, WC08 Butt, WC10 Ferdimond, WC11 Le.Soux, WC16 P.Neville, WC17 G.Neville, WC19 Southgate, WC21 Martyn, WC22 Ferdinand, WC23 Campball, WC25 Semomn, WC26 Brown, WC29 Collins, WC33 Dailly, WC34 Leighton, WC35 Goram, WC37 Berley, WC39 McKinlay, WC42 Elliot, WC45 Gallacher, WC46 Ferguson, WC47 Booth, WC48 Ronaldo, WC49 Denilson, WC50 Batistuta, WC58 Petrescu, WC59 Radabe, WC61 Asprilla, WC62 Burton, WC63 Raul, WC64 Stoichkov, WC65 Rojas, WC66 Salas, WC67 Polster, WC69 Laudrup, WC70 Songo'o

Number Needed: 42 wanted

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